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  1. It all depend on your needs really. The Asus Strix DSP is a 2.0 channel (simulated speakers surround). The CM Storm 5.1 (Real Surround speakers) The Asus has a lot better support driver wise currently. The CM Storm had to depend on a lucky hunch I had while looking at the Setup.ini and felt like sharing. As long as I have mine I will be supporting my CM Storm and to be honest, if it broke and I could not fix it myself hardware wise ( we most likely talk cable breaks here) I would buy it without harsitation.
  2. And I just got right about the USB UUID with a little modding I just fixed it. What I have done: -Download the latest driver and unpack it -open up "setup.ini" Why this file? the Setup checks for the device Class Guid. it won't install because it does not match.. So where can I find this? -right click speaker icon on desktop -select playback devices -double click your Speakers (Sirus Headset) -on General click on properties -once there you want to go to "Details" and select "Class Guid" This Class Guid is what is being used for the setup. Go ahead and right click it for copying and paste it without its { and } in your setup.ini and save Happy installing P.S: Can one tell me if the Guid {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} is the same for them or not. If so, I can Zip a correct installation for people to download for windows 10 Now I feel like I should get paid by CM for doing their job.. (jk jk al in good fun) EDIT: I felt so free to just zip up the installation with the changed Class Guid and slammed it on my server for people to get around their issue. I don't know if this sorts out the issue for you, but once I got replies that it actually work for them I'm happy. http://teknocatron.com/software/cm%20storm/Sirus%20AP%20for%20Win10.zip
  3. Alright, here is the deal. I have been searching the net for solutions to this weird issue about "drivers", and after 4 hours I am kind of done with it. Due a Windows mess up where I was forced to re-install windows through the system recovery this whole issue started. The " can not find headset" bull crap. The drivers is not your issue here. The program and everything that makes it do it's magic worked fine after upgrading from 8.1 to 10 through the windows " Keep my files" option. Everything was working FINE, even the program to set EQ and voice morph or what you call it. UNTIL you execute a system restore and NOT keep your files. This is where your issue start. The setup program does not initialize the whole headset (most likely due a USB UUID that does not fit the profile) and it will refuse to install the program your trying to get back for to what it used to be. So here is my question to you CM development. Your drivers are not the issue. How hard is it to release a installation that does not initialize the usb device and just happily continues with installing the software that is needed for your expensive headset you still promote for people to buy. Take your source and re-compile without the lil check and you have a :) ton of people that are happy again and praise your work. in short: It is your installation program that refuses. not the drivers themselve as they worked fine before if they are installed in 8.1 windows and you upgrade your pc to win 10. Reason? Program is on the hard drive, drivers are used so windows keeps them.