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  1. Did you try the driver of Tekno Catron ?
  2. I didn't test the "S" but yes i think the remote is not very convenient compare to the old one. So i can't say if you should buy or not the sirus, some people have problems with windows 10 and others have no problem... Maybe you can buy it and if he doesn't work you return it to the seller. But i think 140€ is too expensive for this one even if it's a good product. For this price you can found a second hand steelserie siberia V2 + mixamp (year 2013). With this setup you will have a very good spatial positioning and a product good for music and video games.
  3. Or if you want the cooler master you can buy the Sirus S 5.1, is the same as the Sirus 5.1 but is more recent.
  4. Mmm i don't know, maybe an other person in this forum have tested the strix, but i think there is not a hudge difference between this two headset for the quality sound. The strix seems to have more funtionnalities (detachable microphone for example). But if you was satisfied with the sirus maybe it's not necessary to change.
  5. I don't know i never test the strix but when i see the support of cooler master, i would recommended you to choose asus. Moreover if you don't have to pay, now the storm sirus cost around 80€ and the Strix 135€, so if you're unsatisfied or want to change, the strix has more value for resale, and i read some test, it seems good.
  6. For me, i just unistall the old software and checked everything was deleted. After i opened the folder with the driver of Tekno Catron, plugged the headset and lauched the "setup.exe" file. When it was installed, at this moment functionalities of the headset didn't work. I closed the software, restart the computer, and relaunch the software, and after that everything worked fine (equalizer, flex bass, microphone effect, stereo, 5.1, emulation 7.1...) I don't know if it will help you or someone else, but for me it works with this method
  7. YEEEEEEEEES THANNNK YOU SOOOO MUCH Tekno Catron, IT WOOORKS !!!!!! i tried your zip file and it works perfectly and yes the guid {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} is the same on my computer. Screw you Cooler master to not try to fix this little problem, fortunately there are people like you to fixe this, they have to thank you. Thanks again man, and have a very nice day, you deserve it
  8. Bad news, i had an answer from the suport : "We are sorry to inform you that Cooler Master will not make a Windows 10 driver for the Sirus 5.1. This because the headset is no longer in production and is therefore no longer supported. " This is a shame when i see the product is still on the website. So i learned Cooler master it's just good to make cases and fans, i will never buy again one of their hardware... that's bad cause i was very satisfied with this brand and their products (i have 3 cases, a cpu fan and this headphone and i almost bought a mince, i'm glad i didn't do it).
  9. Please make a driver, this is inadmissible to not make one for a 120€ headphone ! My headphone is now totally useless, no equalizer, practically no bass, nome function works correctly, and there is no solution for this...