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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will try this. .
  2. Hi, Almost finished with assembling the master case 5. But when I put in my OC panel in the optical bay area, it seems to be staying loose. The anchoring doesn't seem to fix it in place when moving the slider. Anyone got the same problem or a solution to this? Thanks
  3. Say Eugene, I really would like to see you're finished project..
  4. Thanks Eugene for the picture. It really does fit. Master Case 5 Pro it is then..
  5. Hi, I've got a bit of problem. I've got a E ATX motherboard and I really like the MasterCase 5 Pro. But when read the specs it doesn't fit ( only ATX). In paul's review he was talking about a MasterCase 7 Pro who would fit E ATX. So I got two questions: - Anyone tried to fit a E ATX in a MasterCase 5 Pro? - Is there already a release date known for the Master Case 7? Thanks