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  1. Mazrimcf

    H500p Front Mesh

    I did read that thread which is what lead to my post. It makes no sense that that part is listed on the US Cooler Master site with no way of buying it. Your stock answer of contact customer service is not good enough. Especially when I get an email from CM announcing the gun metal grey mesh H500P is for sale. I really like the case and did not send it back even after the Gamers Nexus review came out. I am not asking for anything free just the option to buy it but I guess that's too much to ask.
  2. Mazrimcf

    H500p Front Mesh

    Why can I not buy this in the US yet? The EU store has it for 15 euros but it will cost 37 euros to ship it to the US meanwhile EU gets free shipping for Early Adapters until April 30th meanwhile we cannot even buy it here in the US. Come on CM show the US early adapters some love.
  3. Mazrimcf

    Anyone looking for Modding Parts

    Might help if you gave the right link