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  1. g2420hd

    Coolermaster N200 graphics card blocked

    Yeah don't think its a good idea, think it will damage the PCIE slot or the graphics connector to it. Not sure what I'll do think I might just have to stick to the single monitor.
  2. g2420hd

    Coolermaster N200 graphics card blocked

    So finally got the card back, some crappy pictures but I'll try point out the good ones. On the second one of this link you can see the top one has a lip that juts out http://imgur.com/a/ffzKG On this link http://imgur.com/a/PExOE you can see that the HDMI plug is prevented from going all the way in. (Doesn't sit flush). Same thing with the DVI unfortunately. I measured the top bit, and it seems you would need to make sure your graphics has a greater than 3mm clearance. Mine is an AFOX GTX 660. I tried my friend's Gainward 560ti, the DVI went in ok, can't remember if I tried the HDMI, but from memory I think it looked like it was lower. Anyway I still think the case is great value for money, given the features. It's got the bottom intake filter and came with two 120mm fans. If anything it might be my graphics card that is crap. Think I better get another graphics or break out the dremel... Anyway hope if anyone else is looking up the case, they may want to check the clearance of their graphics plug.
  3. g2420hd

    Coolermaster N200 graphics card blocked

    I've taken it out and lent it to my friend to test the graphics card (trying to diagnose whether it's a bad card or not) whilst I sort out the case problem....might get a new case because I can only think of cutting it with a dremmel but don't really want to. I'll get you some pics later on when I get the card back. I have been able to use the bottom slot because the lip doesn't stick out on them, but it means I can't use multiple monitors since the top row is not accessible.
  4. g2420hd

    Coolermaster N200 graphics card blocked

    Yeah thats the one. I tried slipping it in, but I'm afraid it would damage the graphics / pcie slot. It's only the very first PCIE slot as well that has a lip that curves down. Really frustrating as otherwise its a really good case.....
  5. I recently got a graphics card (GTX 660) and installed it. But unfortunately the case lip at the back blocks the plugs from going all the way into the graphcis card. Is there some sort of fix around ?