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  1. weird smell from my water cooling

    Few hour ago i go change a new cooler and the staff help me throw the old cooler already..so I dont have picture can show here,but the cooler look very normal The staff also cant explain what cause the smell occur =.= Just feel curious whether the smell will harmful to body or not
  2. weird smell from my water cooling

    cooler master seidon 120v hmmm the smell definitely not burning smell, i really not idea what smell is this and my system are working normal. t he smell came from the radiator , when i start my computer and the smell will came out,but it will decrease after open pc awhile. This problem had occur almost 2 years. At first i thought it is not a big deal but after heard my friends say the smell might kill me i start to feel scare,lol
  3. weird smell from my water cooling

    hey guys,actually this weird smell from my water cooling had last for 2 years,may i know will it harmful to my body?lol