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  1. Can someone fix this? Please? I really want my damn liquid cooling
  2. I should have expected this. The replacement was shipped, and guess what? Wrong tracking number. They gave me the number for the LAST FUCKING PACKAGE and when I click it, it says it was delivered on 9/23/15. This is absolutely terrible guys. I'm unbelievably angry at this. I read that Cooler Master has amazing customer service. So far, nothing but bad things so far
  3. Can someone at cooler master actually try to help with this?
  4. So, I got excited, and bought myself a Nepton 120XL instead of a Seidon, because of the 5 year warranty. But, I ran it for a while, and had it installed and everything, but it started ticking. So I put in an RMA, and returned it. Had to pay the $25 myself to send it from South Bend to CALIFORNIA. Nothing happened for 1 and a half months, then they finally sent the email saying that the replacement had been picked and sent. Well, one week later, my package arrived. I opened it, and to my dismay, (to me at least) inside was a Cooler Master V1000 Modular power supply. I'm sorry, but replacing something with something that isn't even remotely related? That and, the day after, I tried calling the North America HQ 6 separate times, and got voicemail, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I went with Cooler Master because I was told they had great products, and amazing customer service. Sorry, but I have had very bad service thus far. Below I had the original receipt from buying the Nepton in the first place and what I got back on RMA. There wasn't even a packing list for the box I received.