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  1. Just installed a Nepton 280L in a recent build. I am seeing reported pump speeds of 4000 to 7000 RPM, which sounds very high to me. Is this the correct range? Radiator fan speeds are running about 1400. Cooling is not what I expected, but I may have a cooling head that is not seated properly to the CPU. At Idle cpu temp is shown at 47 but core temps are running 60 to 70. During checkout, I'm only running the CPU up to 2.3 gHz and its still running hot! My system: Maingear Shift case ASUS Maximus Formula VII MB Intel Core i7-4790k CPU usually running up to 4.6 gHz Cooler Master Nepton 280L, with radiator externally mounted 32 gB DDR3 running at 2400