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  1. Hi Guys, got an fresh install of windows 7 64 bit pro and the latest drivers for the 5.1 headset, still got security issues cannot say the version cause on the website their is no version, only the name is ap for windows 7 this is the complete warning in the event viewer : Code Integrity determined that the page hashes of an image file are not valid. The file could be improperly signed without page hashes or corrupt due to unauthorized modification. The invalid hashes could indicate a potential disk device error. File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Windows\System32\CMEffectGFX.dll event id : 6281 source : windows security can it be resolved some way? AP for Windows 7 Version Release Date 2014-10-28 Language Multi languages support File Size 16.3 MB
  2. Big Bullshit of coolermaster, just boycot this B brand now !!!!! my old logitech G35 , still supported and drivers for windows 10, and allready yearsssssss old, bought my new sirius a year ago, and allready unsupported will screw you CM
  3. smaal update, after my reinstall off windows 7 still had the issue, strange before the upgrade everything worked well at the end , it my was my stupid keyboard logitech G15 that drained all the power and caused conflict with the headset...it has an usb hub build in, well will never buy something like that again.... changed the keyboard to other usb port and hopla the headset worked directley... regards
  4. hi, what i can see is on the picture : 21 usb port hub?? seems a very strange number, try indeed other usb ports and be sure its usb 2.0, usb 3.0 as power bug issues
  5. seems more hardware related on your usb ports, if your mouse had same isue, and the headset need two usb connectors...but to be 100 % sure ---> try to setup the headset on a friend's pc , than you know its first off all a fresh install of software and driver , than test it out and let us know please so we can help you further regards
  6. hi, i have the headset now almost a year and i have/had this issue also, not windows related, but more a driver - usb port issue, to keep it short check if you are using a usb 3.x or usb 2.0 port, mine was resolved with using a usb 2.0 port, i have not much ports on it and plugged first keyboard and mouse their to be sure that bios, etc works before even windows is installed, but keept me going crazy when headset didnt work, a whole movement to do this, and not fun ive you online with friends and you have to dig first your head behind your pc to fix this.... also check your "green" settings like usb suspend settings , the headset need all the time power and by a bug on usb it falls asleep even when connected, this issue is more related to usb 3.0, i had this with windows 8 - 8.1 and intel usb, trying to copy a file around 10 gb or higher took long enough to set the usb in sleep modus, result copy fails...when i did the same on windows 7 the copy did the job..... hopelly you get some info or tips to find out on your specific case, cause every pc is different, as drivers, software and hardware as stated before, since 2 months and daily use i didnt have to unplug the headset......well keep you posted if it happens again but before now on i going back from windows 10 to windows 7 also do the not support in drivers from Coolermaster for our headset....skype and teamspeak dont work if you setup your device in the 5.1 mode Regards
  7. Hi guys, made special an account special for this issue and to help to sort this problem out to Coolermaster, its an driver issue and nothing else, since windows 10 the most issues i had as an it hardware technician was graphics drivers and sounds issues, on bootcamp and apple bluetooth driver issues, mostly you can delete the hardware and use the microsoft drivers, but in the case gaming vga cards its not possible now i have no issue to have sound or special surround effects in games like battlefield, assetto corsa ,etc... but the moment i try to use skype, the headset goes crazy, sometimes sounds work, sometimes not than you have to switch in sound setting to onboard and play music at same time switch back to headset to get the sound back,also the microphone works in the settinsgs, but not when you call someone teamspeak same issue, micro dont work tried different setups, as windows 8.1 drivers + software, 8.1 without software, win 7 driver without software, you cant install it the regulary way, gave an error not support, and a fix around is not the same as the correct software and drivers ! ---> this is the part that Coolermaster has to step in !!!! i read further on this case win 10 + sirius + skype = a lot off problems with another driver onboard, the audio realtek one, as above i said the fix is the microsoft driver.... the only fix i found to let teamspeak and skype to work is the following = go to playback devices - select the sirius and go to properties, select stereo, do the wizard and tried it with skype, no issue at all but in our case WE bought a true 5.1 gaming headset to enjoy our games trufully in sound and effects and to better in games that use the sound, now i play with friend thoose games and cant talk or i had to put the playback device back in stereo and can't use the 5.1 i really hope this will be fixed with a new driver , cause at this moment i had to get back to windows 7 as the moment im typing this down, and will follow this tread closely in the hope they fix OUR expensive headset first timer i bought a coolermaster product but if this will not be fixed , cant say their will be a next time, support is everything today, and if you lack to this as an company .... well regards Fulgore