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  1. I don't have Nepton 240m, My Nepton 120XL pump RPM is about 28xx rpm.
  2. Based on my Nepton 120XL success experience ​ , I changed my AMD system stock cooler to Seidon 120V, Setup Fan Speed 50% under 60C in BIOS, pump speed 100%, Working efficiency and so silence. My Seidon 120V for AMD system
  3. CPU Burn In test again My Nepton 120XL performance @ windows 10 using CINEBENCH R15 cpu test CPU: Intel i7-4790 MB: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H CASE: CM Silencio 550 COOLER: CM Nepton 120 XL Systen Idle (CPU 1%): ------------------------------- CPU temp: 25°C FAN speed: 864rpm PUMP speed: 1696rpm Burn In (CPU 100%): -------------------------------- CPU temp: 47°C <--- great performance FAN speed: 1464rpm PUMP speed: 2528rpm
  4. Eric Tu

    Nepton 120XL

    My very first water cooler build.
  5. I got Nepton 120XL yesterday, my cpu temp drop 30C @CINEBENCH CPU TEST (compare to Intel stock fan), Very nice performance and no noise. Case: CM Silencio 550 mid tower CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 Stock Intel Fan@CINEBENCH CPU TEST Nepton 120XL@CINEBENCH CPU TEST My Nepton 120XL