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  1. Robert Miller

    Seidon 240M failure & RMA

    Thanks Patrick!
  2. Robert Miller

    Seidon 240M failure & RMA

    [Received this at 4:45pm] Dear Robert Miller, We have received your RMA CUSUS1509049 on 09-17-2015. Next, the warehouse will be pulling the replacement product and preparing it for shipping. An email will be sent to you with the tracking number once your replacement product ships out from our warehouse. Thank you
  3. Robert Miller

    Seidon 240M failure & RMA

    Thank you for your quick response, Patrick. Can you give me any idea what a typical RMS turn around time would be for my cooler? With my machine down I cannot move forward on any of my projects and I am strapped for time. Thanks!
  4. Robert Miller

    Seidon 240M failure & RMA

    Hello everyone! My Seidon 240M failed within 2 minutes of it's initial power up and it rattled like a machine gun the entire time until it ceased to function at all. I've RMA'd the unit, following all proceedures to the letter for sending it back. How long does the RMA process typically take? UPS tracking shows that the package was delivered over a week ago, but RMA status doesn't even reflect that they've received it. Is that typical? If Cooler Master is monitoring these boards, my RMS # is CUSUS1509049 Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!