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  1. carlito24

    CES 2017

    stay tuned? we always hear this. You introduced the series in the summer of 2015! one year later you still don't release the bigger version. You Tell everyone it will be in CES 2017. Now what? wait till computex just for the announcement? then actually sell the case in the summer?? 2 frikkin years
  2. carlito24

    CES 2017

    so will the mastercase 7 be shown as promised months ago?
  3. is this better than the nepton? and will the 280 be designed to fit in the mastercase top easy?
  4. any chance we could get the dimensions? how big will case be.
  5. Its ces 2017 when is that January?
  6. still cant explain why it needs to be 2017 when we first saw it in 2015
  7. Don't understand why it needs so long to develop the case? its looked the same since they first showed it ffs.
  8. I just read it wont be out till CES 2017 lol.
  9. we going to have to wait another year for the maker 3 and 7 news?
  10. this is a joke. you guys just laughing and saying please wait. now its may?
  11. Wouldn't giving a time frame be better? I might give up and get another case