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  1. Being that there is a big push for making the cases more modular and unique to the builder, I believe I have a suggestion. Some builders, especially watercoolers, will need sufficient airflow to keep temps down and fans silent. However, a closed front panel like on the c700p can be detrimental to airflow. However, I believe an accessory for a full mesh front panel, like the Fractal Design Meshify or Corsair 750D Airflow Edition for example, might help with this.
  2. I am thinking of building a new gaming PC sometime soon and I want to use the MasterCase 5. However, the current SSD sleds that are mounted below the motherboard tray on top of the power supply shroud hide the SSDs. Like so: What I would like to see is something that would allow a build to mount the SSD to the top of the sled so it can be shown off. This should also give clearance to use 90 degree SATA power and data cables. Also, if possible, having a simple quick release for easy mounting and dismounting without screws like they have for 3.5" HDD would be nice to see. Like so: