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  1. Okay, totally an idiot. I plugged in the 24 pin of the Corsair. There was a 8 pin that fit no where labeled CPU. After looking over the Corsair manual, it was splittable and the 4pin is now seated in the motherboard. The power button no longer blinks. The DVD burner opens. BUT...... There is nothing that shows on screen and no beeping at all. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, This is my first build. My daughter wanted a gaming computer and picked the parts. She said she could build it with a friend who lives in a different state (via skype) could build it. I am knowledgeable with hardware parts and have never been scared to pop a case after my first time years ago. We put it together, the fans everywhere spin, even on the graphics card. The power button turns on, but there is nothing that shows up on screen. We have disconnected all except the bare essentials (all motherboard connections are still there), but some things like the extra fans, we have left off. I am using a Corsair CX600M Have a Cooler Master N200 XFX graphics card AMD Processor I have the memory in slot 1 and 3 per instructions. I saw on the forum about the power switch on the motherboard being used when the power button failed, I have no idea how to do any of that. Thanks so much for your time.