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  1. What seems to be a nice feature at first, wasnt thought through till the end it seems.. Most of the time I use the mute/louder/quieter keys so there are two scenarios how I can do that: hold FN and press the F10-F11 keys to find the perfect volumne the problem with this is that sometimes i hold it longer than 3 seconds, so the F keys get locked in their multimedia functionality. not convenient when playing a game use the FN lock and just press F10-F11 the problem is that i cant use the actual F1-12 keys, it might be obvious that holding FN and pressing F10 would actually send F10 but no, you have to unlock by holding the FN key again, which makes the feature kinda pointless so is there a way to get rid of that FN lock? maybe a firmware update or something? all in all it is a nice keyboard, it would be a shame to return it because of this annoyance..
  2. hmm, you can try looking into the device manager and uninstall the driver and then connect the keyboard and see what happens.. you have to activate 'show hidden devices' under 'view' in the top menue of that window.. look for your keyboard and remove it. thats all i can come up with.