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  1. Can someone make video i cant understand wery good englich, pls Thanks
  2. Don't know, i liked the sirus headset but, i don't know will the custom driver work for me. And the strix dosn't have true 5.1 , but it has more extras.
  3. I would need to pay like 30€ more for the strix
  4. I don't know what to do! My headset is on service, and i can chose between Storm Sirus 5.1 or Asus Strix DSP.
  5. so does the bass work now on the middle console or not? if yes i would rebuy my headset It would be great if you could do a video of it so we all can see what works and what dosn't
  6. One of the guys from their HQ said that they wont make new drivers for CM Storm Sirus 5.1, they are douches, and lazy, wont help their comunity. We need to make a petition to make new drivers for windows 10
  7. My drivers work but the bass dosnt work at all, i hook it up on a win 7 pc with driver for win 7 and they work prefectly, i contectend HQ and they said they are making windows 10 driver, i asked when win 10 was released I assume they are doing nothing, they dont need 2 fricking months to make drivers