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    SSD Caddy for Cosmos case HDD trays

    Well Austin, I guess I beat you to the punch! Thank you so much! I went and got it with my Amazon Prime account and got it today and installed it 1 2 3! It fits like a glove! I have been trying to find one of these to fit for over 6 months! Thanks again and, yes, you can get it with assurance that it does fit! Keefer
  2. Keefer Zeller

    SSD Caddy for Cosmos case HDD trays

    Thanks Austin, that looks like it may work but I'm not sure. Let me know if you get one and it works. I already bought one from Amazon and had to send it back.
  3. Hello, I am having a problem finding a SSD caddy that will fit in my older Cosmos case. The HDD trays that slide in only have holes in the bottom of the tray and I can not find a SSD adaptor that will fit those holes. I've invluded a couple pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. I've tried Tiger, Newegg, Amazon,a few other places. No luck. Anyone got any ideas where I can find one that fits this tray?
  4. Keefer Zeller

    Installing ssd in HAF 932

    Patrick, this bracket does not adapt a 2.5" drive into my 8 year old Cosmos HDD trays. Where can I find one that will? I need one that attaches from the bottom of the tray. Thanks, Keefer
  5. I have a wonderful Cosmos case that I bought 8 years ago and it has allowed me to build about any machine I want. However, I can't seem to find a solution to mount 2.5 SSD drives in the 6 sliding hard drive trays that were designed for full size hard drives. I'd like to be able to mount them the same way I always have before. That requires an adaptor that mounts from the bottom of the tray, not the sides. Anyi ideas? thanks, Keefer