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  1. thatguy00

    CPU Coolers for Socket 1151

    Hello Patrick, After several attempts with all 3 positions of the cliip i could not get them to enter the MB correctly. Now Lets just say I get them to align and fit. Can you please explain how i get the brackets to align with the screws...the Top of the MB would have the same positions regardless of the screws inserted. The brackets provided (F) have 2 positions for the adjustments. I could get neither to fit. Took a picture.
  2. thatguy00

    CPU Coolers for Socket 1151

    Hello, I purchase the Nepton 240M, im having issues with the fitment of the product w/ the LGA 1151. w/ MSI Z170A M7 board. If I use the 1150 way to install i cannot get it to fit. I tried all 3 different settings on the clips. If i use the Screws and the INTEL side of the bracket. I can get it to install with the screws that are fitted (see Attached). What happens is on the other side i cannot get the block to screw in correctly The brackets that attached from above). Its not balanced neither on the interior part of the screw placement or the exterior. The only way it will fit is with one in the inside and one in the outside screw placement. Not sure how to approach this. I have a pic of the screws used. and its hard to describe the fitment issue from the top part. I will post a follow up pic. but the image below describes kind of what i mean.