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  1. The sound glitch is a problem with Fallout 4. My 240M pump is quiet enough that my ears can't hear it and the fans (controlled by Asus software) are quiet enough for me, either on silent or balanced (mostly silent). I previously used a Corsair Commander Mini and Link software to control the fans, but as my new Asus Hero VIII has more than enough fan headers, I'm now using the Asus software to do the job. To be honest, I'm so addicted to Fallout 4 that I haven't really had time to "mess about" with my settings, however, sooner or later it will happen and I'll let you know what happens.



    Yesterday I had to reboot my computer and the temp shot up to 88 degrees and the fan speed ramped up ( on a positive note, at least I now know that the fans work as they should ), I checked as many settings as I could, before rebooting it again. It came back to normal, weird. Anyone else had this happen?

  2. Thanks for that, it was useful, but on the Corsair forum there have been several instances where the back plate has been loose (due to the Asus board being thinner), causing the pump to make poor contact with the cpu and the temps to be high. The cure for that seems to be mounting the back plate with rubber washers. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem mounting the 240M onto an Asus board, or if the Cooler Master mounts somehow compensate for this problem?




    It appears that, unlike some coolers, there isn't a problem. I installed everything on New Years Day and it works perfectly.

  3. "Any reason for why this would happen and should I be worried?"


    No it shouldn't happen and you should be worried about where all that coolant went. Water and electricity/circuit boards don't play well together. I have been using AIO water cooling for 10+ years and I have only had 1 leak, from an early model cooler that had been installed and uninstalled several times and it took my graphics card and motherboard with it.

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  4. Try putting your finger on the top of the pump and GENTLY pressing down to see if the noise stops. My rule of thumb for installation is to tighten the screws by hand as much as I can and then give them 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn with a screwdriver. It works for me, but then I'm in my 60's and my grip isn't what it used to be.

  5. I would try to aim for a balanced or slightly positive pressure system, that way dust will not be drawn into your case through every available orifice.  You could try:


    1) 2 x 120 mm fans at the front as intakes, 1 x 120 mm fan at the rear as exhaust and cover the top.

    2) 2 x 120 mm fans at the front as intakes, 1 200mm fan on top, no fan in rear.

    3) as 2) but with the rear fan as an intake (filtered of course).

  6. Amazon do, I had a Corsair H100i (actually I had 3 of them) and the first twice they sent me a new one out and gave me 30 days to return the faulty one. On the third occasion, they gave me a refund. I'm told that Corsair will also do an advanced RMA, where they send you a replacement before you return the old unit, however I believe that you need to give them a valid card number, in case you don't return the old unit.


    I switched to the Nepton 240M because of the problems that I had with those H100i's and the fact that my H110i GT wouldn't fit in my new case.

  7. Are the high sp fans that come with the Nepton 240M available to buy on their own? I'm thinking of doing a push/pull on my 240M if there's enough room in my case.


    Anyone have any ideas if there's enough of an improvement for the increase in noise?

  8. I recently switched from a Corsair H110i GT to a Nepton 240M (the Corsair cooler wouldn't fit into my new case) and the Nepton actually keeps the cpu about 5 degrees cooler. My 3570K, o/c'd to 4.3, idles at 31 degrees and doesn't go above 60, ever. The pump is connected to the CPU header and the stock fans are connected to a Corsair Commander Mini and controlled by Link, as they were originally too loud.