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  1. So I have one of the lovely CM Enforcer cases for my custom build, however, I have misplaced the manual that came with it and was wondering if these are accessible online? The reason for this is due to the front fan making the most unbearable humming noise which I imagine is the mesh-like material between the grill and the fan getting in the way. I assume I am going to need to (somehow) get in to that part of the case by taking it all apart and spending hours, once again, fixing the smallest of problems? As I can't seem to find my manual, I don't know where to start... Any advice from experience or general knowledge is appreciated. update: i found the manual, but any advice on how to fix the mesh would be appreciated. Can I pull it out and not bother using it? Can I repair it? Is it likely to cause a huge problem if I turn the fan off if I can't repair or remove the mesh? update #2: I've managed to get in to the front easier than expected. The mesh, which appears to have been collecting a lot of the dust (how nice of it) has, excuse the phrase, bitten the proverbial. Is this a huge problem and should I look at fitting it back on to the case? Alternatively should I look in to replacement mesh?! It's as quiet as when I first had it <3