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  1. I did contacted CM support team, Patrick is his name.. He told me he was contacting warehouse team to hurry the replacement of my PSU last week... and nothing is updated... I have already made a ticket about my case (00075796) "Hello Julius I keep forwarding your RMA to the warehouse so I will Do my best to have them ship it out as soon as possible" This is the last message I've received with Patrick @ 11/10/15
  2. They are probably prioritizing sales profit rather than replacing faulty products... There's no other reasons. Delay should be at least a month... not 2 months or 3 or even 4 that's unprofessional. And I was rooting for their costumer support.. I am using a laptop to write in this Forum without me able to use my system properly is a let down for CM...
  3. Yup same here, It's been almost 3 months.. Contacted them via chat system.. and they say next week and a week after that... none... Goods In is all I see.. So I bought a PSU to compensate the wait.. but returned it yesterday... This is unacceptable.. I wonder how much PSU needs replacing? I am grateful that they have such good customer support but it's lacking the support itself.
  4. Mine almost 3 months now! my RMA is stuck in "Goods In" and that's that... Nothing! I was assured I'd get it the next week... yeah every week I should have a new PSU!...
  5. You thought you had it bad.. 2-3 weeks is nothing.. Me it's over 1 month.. it's 2 months and a half... so almost 3 months now...
  6. It's been almost 3 months since I've sent my old PSU to CM and still waiting for the replacement. Talk about delays and it's taking too long = (