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    High Idle Temps

    I opened her up and HOLY CRAP!! The layout of my motherboard wasn't allowing my cooler to lay flat on the CPU. After orienting the cooler the other direction I am now idling around 33 and a 5 min stress test didn't get above 55. I'm still not running as cool as you, but a huge improvement. Any recommendations on dropping the next few degrees? I am currently only running a push fan on my radiator, would adding a pull fan give me those few degrees?
  2. sap995

    High Idle Temps

    I recently built a file server and I am concerned about the idle temps for the processor. It has an Intel i3-4160 with the Seidon 120v liquid cooler, but my idle temps are around 45-50C. When the processor is under a load, even a small one the temp can spike up to 80-90c. The cooler can quickly get that back down to the mid 70s, but I am still concerned. I haven't built a system in awhile, but these temps seem high to me. Any insight would be much appreciated. Additional information: Running Ubuntu Desktop Monitoring temps with pSensor