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  1. Hey Pim, is it possible to save my current firmware in the firmware folder before I attempt to update? Thanks...
  2. I'm having a peculiar problem: using either the software on the CD or the updated v1.2; I can't seem to update the profiles with images; the UI of the software is not all intuitive and lacks the ability to notify the user of any errors (if any) or tasks that it failed to accomplish. The only indication that I get when I try to load an image file is the difference in the blinking of the pointer for a couple of seconds then nothing happens... The UI will either show 'loading', or 'saving'...but nothing happens. I've even left the system untouched over night thinking it'll upload the image... Your assistance is highly appreciated.
  3. Hey my peoples, this just in...firmware fixes/updates should be carried out on a 32-bit system. I had to especially install a Win7 x32 OS in a virtual machine just to use the 'reset tool' after the mouse became unresponsive. I haven't tried the update again, as I'm still pouting and sulking at the fact that after-sale support is abhorrent...in this day and digital age! Maybe CM products lean more to proprietary inclinations as opposed to giving their consumers the 'key' to closure, open(ness). Happy debugging!