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  1. I purchased my unit in May through Amazon, Marvoulous unit and has worked flawlessly until last night. Last night while gaming I had an unexpected shutdown. Reboot brought up "CPU fan error." Even after an extended cooldown I could not get a complete to desktop reboot without it being interrupted by the error message. (Win10) I uninstalled the unit and replaced it with the oversize CPU fan I used before I purchased the 240M. The computer now works perfectly, but of course, about 20* F warmer. I believe the pump in the cooler block has failed. I tried Live Service, but it is unavailible at this time. (I did not see an availibilty schedule, so it just may be too late) System: Homebrew NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower FX 8320 AMD @3.5 GHZ (not currently OC'ed) Sapphire R9 270 2GB 600W bronze PS ASUS M5A97 rev2 MB toshiba 2TB HDD seagate 2TB HDD Zalman 90mm CPU fan (put back on after Nepton 240M failed) Windows10 (upgrade from 8.1) Thanks in advance for help!