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  1. I play invoker in dota2 and i record macro for invoker spell but some spell can record like sunstirke = eeer , emp = wwwr , cold snap = qqqr I record in god mode when i use macro it only appear er but my logitech mouse can use macro no dalay like eeer. can u advice me and why god mode is have delay. Other sofeware like logitech or razer is zero delay. Best Regards
  2. Hampty

    Cm storm mech shock

    Thank you for help. Helton. But If I don't have ground line. can I remove line like this? ​ Best Regards
  3. Hampty

    Cm storm mech shock

    I live in Thailand and I had this problem same. Could you have advice for fix this problem. I try to plug on motherboard but It shock when my hand touch keyboard. Best Regards