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  1. Lots of spam in the forum these days, on top of no responses, slow RMA, and more. Is Cooler Master on it's way out of the computer business? Sorry to see you go, and let us know when to sign out for good!
  2. Well CM Patrick, this turned out to be an experience, I topped up the pumphouse of the Eisberg 240L and all worked well for a month, temperatures where low and running the pump at 12Volts seemed to be torelable despite a somewhat high volume. Then one evening when I was at work (nightshift) my son called and said the computer wouldn't boot up and that it went to show the BIOS and a rising temperature from the CPU. I told him to shut it down and I should take a look at it the next day. I tried booting it up when I came home in the morning and got the same result. I shut it down and went to bed, at mid day my son woke me up and said the computer was running on it's own. I removed the cover to see water on the graphic card and immediatly pulled the plug on the computer! After that a complete teardown followed while taking a lot of pictures, it seems the water came from the edge of the pumphouse, somewhere around the copperplate and the house. It had run down the motherboard and somehow gotten the computer to boot up on it's own. After taking everything apart that wouldn't endanger the warranty (5 years on the ASUS Sabertooth Z87) and sucked up all visible water droplets, I placed the casing, the motherboard, the connectors and the graphic card in the +40C boiler room for a week. Last night I inspected and put the pieces together again, this time with the standard i7 4790K cooler and the computer booted up, after setting the time and date (yes I had the motherboards battery removed during the drying time) it seems to be working as it should. I have now ordered a Noctua aircooler and will never ever try another watercooled CPU, nore anything from Cooler Master.
  3. I have a Iceberg 240L Prestige that's been sitting on it's own for a while, 1 ½ years now (had to RMA the motherboard and CPU). I am now in progress of installing the new CPU, but notice that a rather large amount of air is trapped in the window on the pump part, I would say I could fill it with some 5-8cl of fluid, it's some 2 by 2 by 2 cm large. I cannot locate any leaking or any odd things about it. Should I top it up with fluid, and with what fluid then? The tank/pump has been hanging below the radiator for the whole time, but the hoses are lower so air will stay trapped there, I will be able to run the pump without the cooler being attached to the CPU as I have a low end CPU with aircooler attached at the moment (for checking why the computer didn't work before, it was cheap) Should I run it for a while and see that the pump works and maybe the air will move to the radiator? But if I have to swap the whole amount of coolant, wich one works with this cooler, as it is a copper/copper system? And finally, would I be able to top the original fluid up with just destilled water, as the amount is small I don't think it would dilute the original especially much. Please could I get some feedback on my thoughts, and for moderators, feel free to move the question to the right place if I placed it wrong. Thank you