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  1. yes I would like to know about software download.......the sound is so low and rings I think the sound controller is the wrong way around
  2. thanx for the replay. I cant see the cool master masterpulse pro here in denmark and I dont really know if virtual 7.1 is better than true 5.1 Viking
  3. Hi there. Sometime ago I bought the Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus 5.1 and 1 of the arms on the headset broke and it was outside of the 2 year.. So now I am looking to get a replacement headset and was looking at buying the same again but now I cant find it here in Denmark, all they have available is the Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus S My question is is there a difference between the 2 if so what is it. I hope that someone can help me out thanx in advance Viking
  4. that really is a pitty.
  5. Hey there. A few months ago my headset broke and I was told that it cant be repair(which I have accepted) but now I would like to know if I can just buy the headset as the other parts are still in working order. I would like to do that as I am still enjoy my headset and I would hate to have replace with another Please can you let me know if that can be dont Thanx Viking