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  1. i just got email that the order is cancelled an refunded ty for the help greetings
  2. nope stil not cancelled and stil no answer from emails my first time here i ordered something but i think this wil be the last time to i cant believe this take so long for to answer an email or to cancel something
  3. order nr # 32949 i send them an email yesterday for to cancel this order the dont now if its coming in stock so i wanne cancel this order stil no answer yet
  4. i ordered this keyboard last week and now ist gone from the website is it cancelled or not i al ready payed whit credit card i send them 3 emails and stil no response verry nice i geuss
  5. i ordered yesterday a masterkey pro s red switch from the website and now its gone?
  6. any idea of this keyboard is coming whit red switches in Europa to only whit brown switches in Belgium at this moment