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  1. Shivgounder

    cosmos 2

    I have recently bought a cosmos 2. Is there any way to alter the x dock bays in the front panel to fit in 2.5" drives without major alterations.. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  2. Shivgounder

    OK I have learned my Lesson

    Any idea when it will be out . If it takes a long time I think I will stick to ordering COSMOS 2.
  3. Shivgounder

    Cosmos II not possible top mount push pull rad config?

    Like you said Pim market evolves faster. True , but COSMOS 2 was launched in 2012. Its more than three years and COOLER MASTER has had ample time to upgrade. Hope they do it now.
  4. Shivgounder

    COSMOS 2 - DOES AX-1500I FIT

    Thanks Mohd Nah. No more doubts. Thanks again.
  5. Shivgounder

    COSMOS 2 - DOES AX-1500I FIT

    I have just ordered COSMOS 2 full tower case. I would like to know whether CORSAIR AX-1500i PSU will fit in.