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  1. Nevermind. I found a few places that sell pre-wired leds.
  2. I need to replace the power-indicator led on my CM690 which has gone plunko. Anyone now what size to get, and a good place to purchase such? I know squat about this in particular. Thanks folks.
  3. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I will have a look at your posts, thank you atmadden.
  4. Well, I would like to get a different model, i.e. a compatible one, or get a refund, that is if they ever answer my email.
  5. Hi klan. Just curious as to how that went.
  6. I have a MSI nx8800gt, but it's moot, since POST never gets that far. The power down happens within a fraction of a second.
  7. I was going to do all that, but I got lazy and just beat the computer with a rock, yelling "Og Say Work Now!" Just kidding, I broke it down; only using the motherboard(outside the case), cpu, cpu heatsink/fan, and 1 stick of ram in slot 1. The system boots with another power supply I have on hand. The power supply in question also works, just not with my motherboard. I have found multiple reports of folks with MSI motherboards who can not boot with this particular power supply. Call it whatever you want, but something is up, and something needs to be done to make this right.
  8. Thanks for the replies The BIOS is up to date and since the board will boot with a different power supply, and since the power supply is functional, there must be an incompatibility between the two. I contacted technical support over the phone and they had me send an email. I doubt I will ever see a new model or a refund.
  9. I have a MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard. The Real Power Pro 750w will not boot my board. The power supply is functional. I did the green+black test. The motherboard will boot using a different power supply. So, like others with the Real Power Pro 750w and MSI Motherboards who can not boot their systems, would a refund be given? Giving me another power supply with the same issue would accomplish nothing.
  10. Do a search at the following link for "k9a2" ... 6817171024 i don't think another one of the same power supply is going to do you any good