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  1. I still haven't received the plug, it has been over a month now
  2. was the plug in a seperate letter than the thermal sensors?
  3. bigbadbns, I received the thermal sensors, but I didnt receive the non-leaking plug. This is a most vital part of the aquagate, and without it I can't install it... I don't care what I have to pay but I do need it ASAP. I PM'ed you last week but didnt get a response.
  4. SIN55

    Cool Viva back orders

    hmm ok so I can expect mine in about a month then... thanks
  5. yes, it's very logical I was just worried because I only see pics of the LCU on top of the PC. Thanks!
  6. As the title says, I want to place my Aquagate water-pump outside of my computer. But I don't necessarily want to place it on top, I would rather have it on the side. I was just wondering about the pipe angles and if they make a difference. Let's say the LCU is on the side, the pipes have to go upwards towards the PC, as opposed to downwards if the LCU was on top. By the way, I can't install it until my replacement non-leaking plug arrives in the mail (hopefully this week).
  7. I read everywhere that the Coolviva is being back-ordered. But when I read this, I had already ordered one the same day. So now how do I know if the one I'll receive is the back-ordered model, or the newest model?? And if I don't receive it soon, how much time (estimation) until they ship again? (I ordered it from an online store, not from CoolerMaster)
  8. I also need a Thermal Sensor, and a replacement Non-Leaking Plug. But is there anyway to get those in stores? or are they custom made? (I e-mailed you Bryant)