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  1. Well guys, no reply from any of the emails I sent out to CoolerMaster :/
  2. Hi All, Sorry if I have posted in the wrong section. I have been looking around online trying to find out where i can order spares from. Basically My girlfriend threw away the box with the Intel adapters when we moved house. I want to make the jump to a intel cpu now but realize I cant without the correct parts. I have a Nepton 240m If someone is using a AMD setup and wants to PM me, I can paypal you to get them sent? Otherwise if there is a vendor I can buy them from I will do that. Thanks so much
  3. Hi Guys, Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I was wanted to get a little advice. I have had my Nepton 240m for about 3 months now and I am very happy, however a couple of days ago one of the cpu fans started making a odd noise. On closer inspection I noticed that after about 2000 rpm one of them starts whirring and it becomes very loud. I have also noticed that one of the screws connecting into the radiator has lost its thread, now I know not to over tighten and when installing the cooler I tightened in a X shape ect so its wasn't me being rough with the screw. My question is, do you guys think it would be easier to get rid of the sound by just replacing them with some alternative ones e.g. Corsair SP120's or would that not work when connecting it to my motherboard. Here are the specs of my PC if that helps. CPU cooler - Nepton 240M CPU - AMD 8350 GPU - G1 970 MOTHERBOARD - Asus Sabertoother 990FX RAM - 16GB XMS3 Any help would be a life saver as I am a video editor and cant really afford the time to send the cooler back for replacement and the noise when I am using intensive software gets unbearable. Thanks Alot peeps