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    Hi this mod will be based on the game starcraft I will be back with actual updates soon!
  2. Hi this build will be based on Metal Slug's Supervehicle 001. I'll be back with updates
  3. Updates Side panel window Front Panel PC hardware We are going to use the Masterliquid 92 for this project, lovin' the form factor of this AIO Liquid Cooler Motherboard and GPU from MSI Philippines GSkil RAM and SSD Back to the set up I was able to sleeve a Thermaltake SFX PSU. Mounted a Filipino inspired shield for the Masterliquid 92, air flow is still good as I have dedicated enough clearance for the fans to breath air also I changed the orientation of the fans so that it pushes hot air towards the back of the shield. Back side Mounted the goodies in the case More Filipino Inspired decals for the case, yes they are Tattoo patterns Those are all for now, I will be back with the final photos Have a great day everyone!
  4. Hi my Name is Mickee from the Philippines, Cooler Master PH recently launched a PC modding shodown and I was lucky enough to be 1 of the 4 modders who got invited so I will be modding alongside my idols in the local scene (Jesse Palacio, Mhike Samsin and DJ Madrid). The challenge for each modder is to come up with a theme that Filipinos are known for. So this one is mine, something that I've had a first hand experience of either listening to the noise barrage of neighbors or singing your heart out under the heavy influence of alcohol. The videoke machine is mostly present in almost any celebration that Filipinos have thus project "Luha" which is the Filipino word for tears. I will update this worklog with the full specs a soon as they are available for now we have the Mastercase 5 to work on Unboxing the Mastercase First thing that I would like to change with the case is the orientation of the motherboard tray. Flipped it 90 degrees to the right or left? i don't know I've always had problems with left and right Drilled two new holes and used a couple of thumb screws to secure the top mount then an additional custom panel out of 3mm thick acrylic for the top part and screwed the rest of the rear I/O. For the bottom part I screwed in a piece of tubular bar and used a couple of u channel aluminum to act as clips. I think it is good enough to hold the set up now brown cat is checking for quality As for paint I will mostly use cream white so I started off with the covers of the case handle. Those are all for now, I will be back really soon!
  5. Update time Thanks Plext for the SSD this is amazing I am terribly sorry for all the mess, so here is the GPU Shroud, I used Aluminum that I bougth from a scrapyard as I already ran out of free acrylic. Military Green, I didn't care about dust or anything while I was on rattle cans because I am gonna rought it up later anyway Spacers for the Front Panel For the GPU So after painting and a little sanding I decided to put the semi finished parts together. MSI cut out from 5mm thick acrylic The last time that I held a paint brush was back in elementary school art class, I hope this turns out good if not then I'll try again on other projects lol This is something that I learned here in the zoo Dab the water off with tissue before the paint completeley dries. Glued on the lower Front Panel. Dry brushed anti rust brown to give it that peed on effect LOL, Took the picture in the dark sorry. Lower Front and Side panels. I don't know but for me this never gets too old Top Front Back side no panels yet. Top Front MSI Gaming Dragon GTX 780 Twin Frozr Thanks, later
  6. Project Update First I would like to thank MSI PH for the GPU and Motherboard. Creation of the faceplate, it's like an iPod lol Power buttons on the speaker keeps on popping up so I gave it a semi permanent fix now i can listen to music while working Test fitted the Front panel/ Face plate, I changed the appearance of the GPU shroud and loosen the screws at the back end so It can be opened I will be placing the proper hinges for it in time This is the final mounting formation for the GPU, many thanks to LiHeat for the 380mm PCI-E 3.0 Riser I tried Battlefield 4 on the test bench and it was amazing, it's like the GPU is connected directly to the motherboard. Those are all for now, Thanks a bunch, later
  7. Here are a few updates : I do not know how to dismantle the fish tank properly, I tried a heat gun hoping to make its adhesive soft but that did not work so I just decided to randomly saw off the panels. The Skeletal System Acrylic on the walls of the GPU Shroud. Thanks MNPCTECH.COM for the template. Here is where I currently am with Smoker. I wanted to test the fan slots so I mounted the TT Riings that I have laying around Shout out to Arciz Modz \m/ Thanks guys, Later!
  8. Hi, my name is Mickee from Makati City, Philippines. This is my first full on case mod and work log. I would like to thank you in advanced for spending time on this. I will be using an old Cooler Master USP100 handed down to me by a good friend. There is no specs for the PC yet as I am still looking around for good deals. At the end of this project we will be looking at a Military Themed BTX form factor chassis, top mounted GPU connected via PCIe riser and DIY computer peripherals there are still more modifications that I am unable to explain as of the moment so I will just update this work log with pictures as the fun progresses. Sorry Everything is dusty because our house is under construction. I will put the power supply and radiator in this new compartment. The bottom part of the chassis will be replaced with a flat aluminum sheet so I dremeled out the bumpy area, the cut does not need to be perfect because it will be covered anyway. So I need something thick for the panels of the bottom compartment It is broken and was thrown away by the owner. Cutting the panels to fit I am doing it way off the line as I do not trust my unstable hands. Creating the GPU shroud on top of the chassis. That's all that I have for now, Thanks for tuning in, Cheers!