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  1. Hello. I have been having this problem for some time now. When I first got my CM Storm, it worked fine. I had to use a specific pair of usb ports for it to work, but it would work. Suddenly one day the firmware stopped working. My headset was no longer recognized and I couldnt use it anymore. I uninstalled the Storm Sirus software, and I can use my headphones through windows. But the moment I reinstall the Storm Sirus software, my headset becomes unrecognizable, and Storm Sirus can't find the device. Windows also tries to install some new drivers but that fails. But when I uninstall Storm Sirus, I can use my headset through windows. I dont want to do this as I dont think I am actually getting 5.1 through it. I can only select 7.1 via the speaker setup in playback devices (and since this is not a true 7.1 headset, rear audio does not work properly). I have been trying other usb ports, and it dosent work. I restarted my PC and oddly my mouse stopped working and I had to use another USB port for that. How can I get the Storm Sirus firmware to actually work again? I really liked it when it worked. These are images with Storm Sirus installed.