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  1. What AMD OD is showing is thermal margin (sorry it's in french in the pic), so the temp are the same in both app "One tip i might have for you, if you can have a fan blow front to back over the pump and VRMs toward the exhausts fan it might bring the temps down a little, sometimes the Motherboards VRMs can transfer heat to the CPU. with conventional air cooler its fan usually does that job, AIO coolers of course don't have fans there" I'll do that when i get a new fan, thanks for the tip On load i get I took the screen after 5 min on load
  2. Yeah i had what you are saying about the stud, i figure this out when i first screw it, they are all tight ontop of the cpu, but still the same temps :/ I never had these extremely low temp with the stock cooler, right now i'm rechecking the installation, everything is well screwed, i think the fan is in the right direction to blow the air out of the case, all the fan are spinning Can it come from my cpu itself?
  3. Hello everyone, i'm sorry if my english is in somewhat wrong I buy a Seidon 120v ver2 and at idle my temp a pretty high... i did what mohd noh did for is setup : put the fan on system fan header and the pump on cpu fan header My spec are : Case : Zalman Z11 Hf1 CPU: Amd A10-7850k Mobo : MSI A88X-g45 PSU: Cooler Master B700 GPU: ASUS Radeon HD 7870 ( i know it can be bottleneck by the cpu but i wont change any of the cpu or gpu ) RAM : 12Go 1333mhz ( kingston but just took it from an old acer pc, i will change it by real one, one day ) My old AirCooling ( Raijintek Pallas ) Gave almost exactly the same temp wich is quite strange for water cooling, even for an entry AIO i hope you can help me to figure out what is the problem, thanks