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  1. I don't know if your problem is fixed yet but all I did was use it for about an hour or half, and it started working properly very smoothly. I think it is an optimization issue. Just using a new keyboard out of the box will cause this problem. But using it for some time will give the keyboard a "habit" to work with your system. Just use it for sometime in a game and it will be solved. Hope it helped😊😊
  2. Yes, it happened in all games but now it is fixed after some days of use. Thank you for your time! And I'm sorry for your time. Have a good day/night.
  3. Hi guys, I purchased my new CM Storm Octane Gaming Gear Combo, i.e, Keyboard and Mouse. I thought about trying the new awesome keyboard and mouse, so I started a game. The mouse works really well. But when I try to move the character using the keyboard by holding the "W" key, the character moves as if I was pressing the key repeatedly and not holding it. I thought it might be a game problem but when I tried it with my old keyboard, it worked. So, does anybody know how to solve it or has any other person faced this problem before? It's not just W key, it happens with all other keys.