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  1. HAF 912 Plus 200mm Front Fan Not Spinning

    I can't state my purchase reciept to ask for replacement parts because I don't have one I bought the case second-hand, I bought it from a local shop and they don't have the original reciept, they can't reciept me for my purchase too because they were not billed when they bought it from the original owner. I went to the retail store today, where the case was originally bought, and asked for the original reciept's copy, but they couldn't help me either because they were not keeping track of computer cases by serial number.
  2. HAF 912 Plus 200mm Front Fan Not Spinning

    Do I need to upload purchase reciept to ask for replacement parts?
  3. Hello there CM Community. I've bought a Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus case today, installed everything fine. But I've noticed that my 200mm front fan is not spinning while the computer is running. The only time it spins is when i first boot the computer up. It spins for a couple of seconds and stops. The red light behind it is working without any problems tough. Is this normal? Or what should I do about it?