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  1. Hello, I'm pretty new at both the water cooling and doing anything with overclocking. Learned of the Nepton 240M from Tech Report and decided to give it a try in the new rig I've just built. I have it installed in a Corsair Obsidian D Case (closed), atop an intel i7-5930K which is atop an asus X99-a motherboard. Case has 3 other fans in it (and the video card has 3 fans itself). At first it didn't seem like it was cooling at all, so I removed the heatsink from the processor, cleaned it up, and reapplied Cooler Master ThermalFusion 400 thermal paste following a video (so one small strand in the center). This time I got better results...but I'm still not quite sure if everything is working properly. The CPU is overclocked 16 percent using Asus' automatic overclocking. Room temperature is 26 C. When I have it idle (<5 percent load), I see average temperatures of 31 C with all fans at full blast. When under stress using Prime95, I see temperatures of 75-80 C over the cores, causing the MB alarm to go off (which itself is weird, 20 C under TJMax), The pump is plugged into chasis fan 2, and explicitly set to full power (2700 RPM). Does this sound expected? I was reading a lot of posts of 20-ish C temperatures and the box seemed to suggest 40-50 under load. It's new hardware so I want to make sure things are working correctly.