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  1. I wanted to post an update. The only thing CM responded to was my RMA request, and they gave me no option to receive a replacement cooler before I sent off mine. This is completely unacceptable, and I will not be sending my cooler off, as I can't trust the company to return a phone call, or even answer the phone for that matter. I will not be trusting them with returning my money based on their "honor system" of sending it off, and hoping they don't deny getting it. This is the last cooler master product I buy, and I would encourage anyone reading this to do the same. I know I will be spreading the word on every forum that I can. I'm returning this to Microcenter, whom I hope has a good defect policy with CM and isn't taking the hit for both of these units, as they have been nothing but helpful, and purchasing another brand of AIO. Good job CM.
  2. Oh I wont be sending this thing off until I have one in my hands. I understand I'll get charged on my card, but that's just the way its gotta be. I'm not driving another 70 miles to Microcenter to return this thing. Either they can get me one that works without me investing any more gas money and time into it, or I'll just have to make sure I don't let anyone I know purchase CM products. If you've noticed a change in tone from accepting to very negative, It's because I've tried to get in contact with CM and you can't talk to anyone on the phone, they make you leave a message, it says you can live chat, but that's offline, and I just submitted my RMA request, and it says they'll get back to me in 1 to 2 business days... This is ridiculous, its a $120 unit and I can't get ANY customer support for it?
  3. I'm starting to come upon that conclusion. When I went to Microcenter to get the swap for this one, I actually bought an air cooler, just in case I had the same rattling problem in the new one, so that I could have something cooling the CPU while I try and bleed the air out of the pump. I let the computer run for 30 hours with no change in pump noise, and this morning I took the pump off the CPU and ran it, when the pump is in one certain position its silent. But as soon as you move it to any other position it rattles like :), and if its air, its not bleeding out. It's been sitting like this for several hours now. I think theres just too much air in the system for it to bleed, and I need YET ANOTHER one... I hate to be negative, but does nobody test these things when they leave the factory? Surely theres some kind of procedure to keep this from happening. But it seems that there have been several people reporting getting these noises, returning the systems, and the NEW ONE also has the same sound. I would be interested in hearing from a CM employee. To be honest I don't want to buy another product, because when this one works, its just awesome. I just need one that works, and I've invested a lot of time and a TON of gas money buying these things and exchanging them at the closest Microcenter which is over an hour away from me. Looks like I will be RMA'ing the thing.
  4. Hello all! First post here! Main question I have is this: Is this normal, do these coolers just have a break in period? I recently bought a CM Nepton 240M and installed it on my new build on Saturday. Unfortunately, as soon as I turned the machine on for the first time, the pump started to make a rattling noise. It was constant, and not loud, but pretty annoying if you payed attention to it. To give you an idea of how loud it was, the case fans (Fractal Design Define R5) would drown out the sound of the pump rattle when the computer was under load. So not very loud, but constant. I read that it could be an air bubble, so I let the computer run for a while, and Sunday night I let it run all night while I downloaded a few Steam games. I woke up, and the rattle was no longer constant, but intermittent. You could hear the rattle every 10 seconds or so for a few seconds, but also you could hear a new noise, a mid-high pitched whining from the pump. I figured, even if the air bubble had passed, the fact that its whining now makes me want to return it. So I just got back from Microcenter, where I swapped out the pump for a new one. I installed the new system, and boom. More rattle. For more information, the thing cools like a dream. The fans are completely silent, and the CPU didn't go above 33 degrees C when I did the 3DMark system tests. So cools great on my 5820k. I have the fans run into a splitter going into the CPU_FAN header and I had the old pump plugged up to the CPU_OPT header before, but the new one is now hooked up directly to the power supply by a molex adapter. I heard its best for the pump to be running at full speed anyways. Right now I have the front of the computer tilted up on some books in case it is an air bubble so that the barbs on the pump are the highest point. I'm gonna let it run for a few days and see how that goes. Any advice would be appreciated!