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  1. ​when the config UI runs, the sensor is calibrated 1) should the mouse remain motionless during calibration or not? 2) what does the "keep current sensor optimization" check box do - does it keep the last sensor calibration and prevent the current one, or does it keep the one that is run when the s/w loads? in other words, basically, should the checkbox be checked or unchecked if you want to calibrate the sensor for a different pad? 3) will the firmware ever be updated so that the 'storm tactics' button can be mapped to a keyboard key, as was promised by a tech here on the forums years ago???
  2. ​this is the review i posted at Newegg... ​ ​PROS: * 9 mappable buttons (not 11 as advertised) * decent overall build quality and a very solid feel * sensor is accurate _when coupled with the right pad_ * apparently no forced interpolation/acceleration/prediction * the 2 wing buttons are a huge plus, essentially providing 4 main buttons for the index and middle fingers * scroll wheel down click feels good, as does the clickiness of most other buttons * can't remember when i got this mouse, but it's lasted at least 5+ years and still going strong * 3 very large, good quality mouse feet CONS: * very stiff cord doesn't flex well, thus adding resistance to mouse movements * mouse wheel scrolling has a very light feel - no solid clicking which, IMO, is not conducive to a gaming mouse * cheap rubberized finish wears off * finicky laser sensor only works with certain pads (and not all pads CM sells) - also laser is inferior to optical and should not be used for gaming mice * very heavy! this could be a plus or a con * there are NOT 11 mappable buttons as advertised - there are 9 - a firmware update promised by a CM rep years ago to remedy this never materialized - still asking CM about this years later and getting nowhere * configuration software is typical, hard to read bubble-gum (skinned) goofiness at its worst * you have to contact support to get a firmware update - firmware is not available on their website * 2 of the 4 screws to disassemble the mouse are hidden under the rear pads and it's easy to bend the stiff pads out of shape when trying to remove them - why do manufacturers do this??? * typical DPI marketing hype is meaningless OVERALL: except for the ultra-cheap rubberized finish and inferior laser sensor (marketing gimmick), this is a fairly high quality mouse, but i would not buy it again and will scrutinize Cooler Master products much more closely if i ever bought from this company again that CM advertises 11 mappable buttons is blatant false advertising - while there are 11 buttons, only 9 can be remapped and CM never delivered a promised update to resolve the issue whose light-bulb idea was it to use a coat hanger as a mouse cord? that's about how stiff the cord is - i've had to form a big half loop in it and tack it to the wall to keep it from touching anything, else it drags and grinds against a textured mouse pad and adds resistance when the mouse is moved
  3. ​where can the firmware (not the software UI) be downloaded from? i have not found a link on the website, forum, guide or elsewhere ​ ​how can i map the "tactics" button to a keyboard key directly?