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  1. So, i bought the Nepton 240M to replace my intel cooler since i've been looking for an AiO in quite a while now as people say it's so good compared to the stock cooler. So i just finished installing it, and for the record i did everything perfectly as instructed, also removed the old thermal compound and applied the one that comes with it. The fan configuration at the moment is pushing the wind through the radiator, although i have another pair of Silencio fans coming to me to make a push/pull configuration. My case the Aerocool DS Cube. I plugged the pump on the motherboard and set it to always keep full speed in the bios. Here is where it gets funny. I'm getting 42º degrees on idle and a whooping 97º degrees under 100% load, test conducted with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. This is pretty much what i used to get with the stock cooler. Now did i just spend that amount of money on something that wont change anything other than aesthetics? My pump is working fine, so it's not that. My CPU is an i5 4690. I've also heard that push/pull don't really change much, it's more of an aesthetics thing to me as well, so that shouldn't impact the cooler performance that much, what still leaves me with poor poor results. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, i've been looking forward to get an aftermarket cooler for my CPU and i'm excluding water coolers since i know people who got their systems fried due to leaks. That being said, i'm sticking with air coolers, and the V8 GTS called my attention at the very first sight, for lots of reasons. The thing is, i've seen a lot of reports saying it blocks most motherboards first PCIe slot. My motherboard is an ASUS Z97M-Plus, Micro ATX form factor, and the first slot is the only one i have to fit my EVGA GTX 980Ti ACX 2.0 with backplate. I've looked through the internet for this situation but haven't found anything, so i decided to come to cooler master itself for help. Thanks in advance!