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  1. Hey all, Currently I have a Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Motherboard and a coolermaster storm enforcer case, I would just like to know if a V8GTS cooler will fit in the case before I buy as there are returns within 7 days but if opened I only get 50% of its value back as a restock fee. Basically the reason I am asking this is just because I want to know if these factors will affect the fitting of the Cooler even though it says a V8GTS can fit in an enforcer case: *I have no fans at the top or side, only the rear fan and front 200mm fan. *The motherboards cpu and ram position as the ram 4 slots closest to the HDD bay and Optical disk drive slot (if that makes sense) -This is because the current builds I have seen with the V8GTS have 2 or 4 ram slots on both sides of the processor with the processor slot in the middle. *If the height of the case is enough for the motherboard and V8GTS cooler. *if the RAM I have will be in the way (G.Skill Ripjaws X 2x4GB) Sorry if this is a noob question, I am capable of putting together my own computer myself and have been building for years, but because of the size of this cooler I really do not want to stuff this up and have to fork out money for wasting the shops time. Note: the picture I have uploaded is a picture from when I was building the rig with nothing but the motherboard on it, this photo was used because you can see the exact placement/layout of everything instead of it being cluttered but the rest of the components Thank you.