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    Question about Masterbox Lite 3

    I have been looking about buying the Masterbox Lite 3, which looks like a interesting compact case for a micro-ATX build. However, I saw in one review that the power button have a blue LED on it, so I'm concerned about the pins. How many pins have the power button? Is a 2-pin or a 3-pin? Is the LED in a separate pin, or in the same pin for powering the system? Can I insert the pins for power without the LED? I searched for manuals but there is no information about it. So thanks for any input.
  2. Im looking forward to buy this keyboard in ABNT2 format, brown-switches with white light, and I want to known if this issue was fixed for those keyboards, if I can use the right enter with numpad disabled. Also I want to known if those keys 1 and 3 in the numpad can be used with numpad off. I usually play with arrow keys and those extra keys would be a nice addition.