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  1. Stupid noob question. In the cm690 does the PSU fan point up into the case or down out the bottom floor vent? I installed it fan up and the wire are away from the holl that lets you put the cable under the mobo tray. I think cables should be near the hole right? Also is it just me or are the real power cables too short for CM690?
  2. Thanks Zenphic, I think I am going to use one of those black plastic 4 prog tabs from an old internal speaker I have to connect to the pled wire. Man what a pain that is.
  3. I am un the The US, NYC actually. I cant seem to really a find a stor that deals with the indiviual builder. Most only deal with small businesses. oh and about the lock I usta see some key lock screw on but I dont see those any more I should of bought them way back when. Sigh
  4. Hey Mazession, I would rather buy and adapter. I feel iffy about cutting the wires. But where can I find this adapter? I mean this is not the kind of stuff you find at your local best buy. aalso about locking the case. The ring only locks the right side. The left side is still open and gives access to the hard drives.
  5. Hey Sir Mango, I was jsut wondering if it would be a good idea to make those 2 side fans as outout fans?
  6. oh sorry I did a search and didnt turn up any thing. This seems perfect.
  7. Hello All I was just looking for some advice on how I should setup the fans in this case. I was think along the lines of: 2 top fans out 2 right side fans out bottom fan in left side fan out. Is this correct?
  8. Yeah I just recent got the CM 690 great cass but I am finding that the pled connector does not connect to my asus mobo pled connector. Is there an adapter that I can buy? The Cm pled is 2 prog but the asus pled is 2 prog but has a space between it so it's almost like it's 3 prog. Thanks. Also is there any way to lock the case so no one can steal my harddrives or other components?