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  1. Since January, case modders young and old have been busy in their basements, driveways, kitchens and bathrooms, taking over just about any place they can find. Many spent hundreds of hours putting both craft and creation to the test in pursuit of a title in the world’s largest modding competition. All of this culminated in over 120 worklogs and entries, of which 82 made the final submissions. You guys weighed in with over 21,000 votes. Our Judges Panel spent a week going over each finalist in great detail, with scores coming down to the decimal point. Here are the results. Tower Mod Awards 1st: Master of Dimension by ภควัตไชยบุญมา (Mr. Waii), Thailand 90.23 2nd: Gigantea by David Cathey, United States 87.52 3rd: Master X5 by neSSa, Serbia 84.39 Scratch Build Awards 1st: Ghost Rider­ by Modder Crow, Thailand 92.37 2nd: Re.born by Masbuskado, Dominican Republic 92.29 3rd: GSW CYBORG by Nenad Milic, Serbia 89.12 People's Choice Awards Scratch Build –TriHexa 666 - Apocalypse Dragon by Kanishka Akalanka, Sri Lanka Tower Mod – Pandora Box Pegasus by Allyson Carneiro, Brazil The winners are walking away with US$30,000 in cash and prizes for their achievements, with goodies supplied by Avexir, OCZ, ASUS, Nvidia, Dremel, and Cooler Master. Prizes include an array of high-end gear such as Cooler Master’s highly acclaimed MasterCase Maker 5, Avexir’s ROG-certified DDR4 modules, OCZ’s sizable SSDs from their decorated Vector 180 series, NVIDIA’s most powerful GeForce graphics cards, massive motherboards from ASUS, and precision rotary tools from Dremel.
  2. Connecting Modders Everywhere Cooler Master is about fueling the growing worldwide passion to make and create - to grow your maker spirit. That's why we're holding Modder Meetups all over the world. You'll find fellow modders of all kinds - from first time tinkerers to professionals. You'll also find LAN parties, contest, giveaways, could be the first to see and try out new Cooler Master gear, and more. Join a community that shares your passion, grow together, and then make it your own. Find a meetup near you: Community of Gamers (Sydney, Australia) 4/2 Lan ETS 2016 (Montreal, Canada) 4/15-4/17 Maker Faire (NewCastle, England) 4/23-4/24 GGF LAN (Sydney, Australia) 4/23 Maker Faire (Paris, France) 4/30-5/1 Maker Faire (Taipei, Taiwan) 5/7 - 5/8 Maker Faire (Lisbon, Portugal) 6/26 Maker Faire (Berlin, Germany) 9/30-10/2 Maker Faire (Rome, Italy) 10/14-10/16​
  3. CM_Warren, you are exactly right. According to Surroz, he simply combined his two favorite things - Stars Wars and Beavis the Butthead – into one name.
  4. Now you know the story of Darthbeavis. But do you know the origins of the name of one of the most famous modders out there? Take your best guest here and we’ll reveal the answer on March 17.
  5. Calling all modders! The Case Mod World Series 2016 has begun! Get ready for the world’s biggest, greatest, modding event ever! Cooler Master, today announced the Case Mod World Series 2016, a competitive modding event designed to connect modders everywhere with US$30,000 in cash and prizes to be won. We bring together sponsors such as ASUS, Avexir, Dremel, NVIDIA, and OCZ to support and engage with the PC modding community. We invite all modders to show-off your creativity and push the limits of PC case design. Check out the Event Site: Sign Up: How to Sign Up: Prizes: Meet the Judges: INFOHUB: If you have any suggestions, feedback or issues with registration, please leave a post here or email us at:
  6. CALLING ALL MODDERS The biggest annual modding event of the year has returned. Are you ready? Stay tuned on the CM Forum and
  7. Calling all Modders – Cooler Master Case Mod World Series STARTS NOW. The biggest annual modding event of the year has returned – REGISTER BEFORE FEB. 7! We’re inviting all modders to show-off your creativity and push the limits of PC case design. Impressive line-up of modders worldwide making it one of the most prestigious modding contest ever. With the support of Dremel, Intel, Asus, OCZ and GeIL, we have over US$25,000 in cash and hardware prizes up for grabs. Check out the event site: Registration: Prizes: Meet the Judges: If you have any suggestions, feedback or issues with registration, leave a post here or email us at: .
  8. Welcome to COSMOS official forum. Just post what you think and feel to show off your non-compromise between performance and silence. You can also post your thought or share the video on the COSMOS Blog. Microsite: link:
  9. posted by viperj .. moved to Component Cooling At Cebit you'll see our latest VGA Cooler stuff. Stay tune to our website