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    Sure, at the moment of building my full pc I noticed that the CPU cooler can only be installed vertical and when I was about to gave up and bought a new cpu cooler I saw this post, I sent my ticket but I didn't have a reply that's when I Mohd Noh delived my ticket himselft and told me to be patient, CM contacted me through message and asked me for my shipping address and and contact phone number, then like after a month cpu brackets arrived so I could finally re-installed it and tested my PC with the system stability test and the heat centigrade went down as supposed ;). Thx again Mohd Noh and CM.
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    I see lots of comments in the forum about challenges with the LEDs in the C700P case. I'm having issues as well. My rig includes a Ryzen-powered Asus Crosshair VI Hero motherboard and RAM modules with LEDs. Some of you may know that Asus is the mother/owner of the whole Aura lighting control tech and is supposed to work with multiple vendors. It seems it is not that easy though. When I connect the MB LED control header the the LED/Fan controller in the C700P I get less than desirable behavior. The case selector button on the case top for LED controls never cycles to the MB control option. Outside of that the other modes work fine and I get all the LED colors. So, the LEDs work (and so do the fans). Just not the MB mode. When I load Asus' Aura LED control software it is supposed to display the various LED systems that can be controlled. Instead of seeing the MB, RAM modules and the case all I get is the MB. I CAN control the motherboard with this software but nothing else. Argh! I know that this is likely an Asus problem to solve, it is about their MB and Aura software but I was wondering (hoping?) somebody here might have wrestled with this already and broke the code... please share? Has anyone actually controlled the C700P case with Aura yet? What did you have to do? Maybe even with a Asus Crosshair VI Hero? Is anyone able to select the MB mode with the LED selector on the top of the case? What does it do?
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    here is some updated : For the C700P à that has to do with the detection time. If the C700P does not go to M/B sync mode, please do the following: 1. Shut down PC 2. Make sure the RGB_IN channel is used to connect the C700P to the Asus M/B 3. Start up PC a. Directly press the RGB mode button until you get to MB sync. Instead of shutting down the PC, you could also unplug the Sata power Tell me if this work or not
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    Greetings, got new Ryzen 1700X cpu, and Asus prime b350-plus Motherboard. Cause no stock cooler in "X" cpu-s package, purchased CM 212X (I knew there is still no - AMD AM4 UPGRADE KIT (RR-ACCY-AM4B-R1) here in east Europe, so there is few solution to mod with parts in 212X package. I use 2011 screws, make new thread with M4 tap in am4 backplate (I and II tap full, and only one, one and half spin with tap III, so it would be tight). Dissamble x clamp, and make small slot (between 2 already existing) with small sharp rasp for new place cooler thorn - used for non sliding, and rasp 4 little boobles since clamp no need to snap in usual places. Add some plastic shells for camuflage, hehe, and voila.
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    Hello Guys. I got one of MasterKeys PRO M White leds, and i got a issue not sure if it's a normal problem. Im a CS:GO player and like i said i got one of yours keyboards, i just set my gear up and when i went to play my first cs:go game something wrong happened with my keyboard, when i press w to move forward it stucks, my 1 person player stucks. It doesnt happen really often but it does, and the main problem now it's the TAB, i usually play with 300 fps. While before i got the keyboard i had a normal one, never one that good and mecanic. The thing is when i press TAB while im playin it drops my fps really bad 300 to 10, only, and i say only while i press tab, it doesnt happen when im playin in the server, if i keep pressing TAB it doesnt change a thing it keeps 10 fps, when i take my finger off the tab it goes to my 300 fps again. I've updated all thing that you can imagine, i updated my drivers, i switched usb doors, i changed some stuff on my graphics i dont know what to do anymore, hopefuly you can help me out.
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