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    I don't think getting a response is the issue, its the problem that some are being allowed to get the bracket, and others like myself are being flat out told that there is no bracket.
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    Correct, my new keyboard has been shipped and my issue has been solved.
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    Updated : Discussed with HQ team Our suggestion , You can buy the fan from any market any shop as long as the spec and connect meet with the original one.
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    Please patient because i just talked with HQ team regarding this man ... I will share later on when i get the result .
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    Hello You can talk to our customer services via ticket regarding this issue and they will assist you + i will delete the SN to protect your privacy
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    Hello , I will ask someone at HQ by tomorrow morning Please stay tune
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    Updated : Talked with HQ team Is yes , Except CPU cable The pin definition of CPU cable are different
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    + Have to remove your picture on the TOP the first one > protect your privacy
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    Hello , Sorry but i will ask them when we back to work on next Thursday or i try PM someone at EU team . Be back as fast as possible once i get news from them
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    No, i did not remove the stock backplate of my tomahawk b350 mobo. i only used the screws and the bracket that they shipped to me and was able to attach the heatsink vertically.
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    Same thing for me but more - I bought an Asrock B350 Fatality mobo to go with my Ryzen 5 1600x CPU. As the 'x' series don't come with coolers, decided to buy a CoolerMaster Evo 212x. Firstly, the screws that came with it did not fit in the stock backplate that came with my mobo, and the backplate I was provided with (from CM) did not align with any of the holes around my CPU in the motherboard. Even if the backplate aligned or the screws fit, the "AM4" bracket doesn't even fit. It's too short and the only way to get it to fit would be to just shove it in and (when tightened) damage the mobo. Not happy at all with this false advertisement, last time I buy a thing from Coolermaster. (Below I have shown the incompatibilities. On the image with the arrows I am showing where the screws are supposed to fit but do not. In that image is the stock backplate that came with the motherboard.)
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    Hello , Can you pm me your ticket number ?
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    Great and i will update at here once i get info from them
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    Hello Martin I think for safety better just using cable V850 series instead silent pro gold cable . Next Monday i will ask HQ Team regarding this
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    I just started my own support ticket and included the posted pic for the bracket. I wonder if I'll get the same response.
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    I got it, once I removed the cage, I saw the space. Thank you for all your help. Cooler Master does need to step up it's game when it comes to instructions/documentation. Thanks Again Stan
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    Please patient , our customer services will reply your ticket as fast as possible .
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    Any Idea when the brackets will be back in stock?