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    Installed a new ML360R with the aRGB box. When I first started MasterPlus is it saw ther aRGB box and applied a firmware update. Now when starting it tells me no devices can be found. If I download the firmware updater it happily sees the the aRGB box and re-applies the ypdate but MasterPluser cannot see it. Any ideas what I should try next?
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    I bought a MasterLiquid Lite 120 cooler. Except that the pump has made a very loud noise. When I connected the pump pin on the CHA FAN and the fan pin on the CPU FAN, the noise decreases a little, but I heard that I have to turn off the fan control, as it can damage the pump. That's true? When I turn off the fan control, the noise comes back ... Thanks friends!
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    I went to PAX East this year and bought myself a SK650 at the Cooler Master booth with the Cherry MX low profile switches.. I was told that I would be getting free replacement keycaps for it and all I had to do was sign up for it at cm-keyboard.com I did that and I got two keycaps to replace the mute and brightness keys with the new firmware. Though I am supposed to get the regular Cherry MX switches. It says it would be shipped out by the end of March, I was just wanting an update. I know with the whole COVID thing it would probably make it hard to be sent out. Just hoping for some clarification! Thank you!
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    Have the same issue. Brand new unit my rma was denied. Said there was air in the unit (no s**t). Will NEVER BUY COOLER MASTER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi all, We are really sorry for this issue. Our team has fixed this issue and released a new software version, see link below: MasterPlus (PER. Only) v2.0.3. Please download from our Website: https://www.coolermaster.com/downloads/ or download it directly through the following link: MasterPlus(PER. Only)_v2.0.3.zip https://coolermaster.egnyte.com/dd/tcPgvwqiTJ Let me know when you have any other question and sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Hey guys. I recently purchased the CoolerMaster MB 530P. Connecting the Adressable RGB fans with the reset button seems impossible to me. The are only 2 connectors for the I/O panel which is tge POWER SW and HDD LED. Is this correct? Isn't there supposed to be more?? POWER LED, RESET and the rest? My power button doesn't even light up and only 1 fan is lighting up in white, I have no RGB effects happening. The only connection I don't have connected at this point is the 3 pin 5v connector that is supposed to go to the motherboard, but as my motherboard only has a 4 pin 12v rgb header, I didn't connect it anywhere. Please help me resolve this issue.
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    Suffering from the same issues. In every restart the fan kicks back on even if I have already set it to silent. I HAVE TO DO THE SAME THING IN EVERY RESTART... I will first RETURN the FAILMAKER 1200 and then start a SPAMMING CAMPAIN in YouTube, blogs and social media in order to make this an issue for coolermaster... Its a pity they should come up with a solution, even in the form of a startup script to offer support to us fail-ridden folks. I suggest you to do the same if you value your investments and dislike being SUCKERS...
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    its the same for all 3 rad sizes, trying to download the 3d print file from here (https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/cpu-liquid-coolers/masterliquid-ml120r-rgb/#Download) and i get a 404 error. Anyone have the file. I tried using the ml240 and 360 links to see if they were different and didn't work.
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    I'm also looking for this 3D file and cannot find it anywhere. Please help!
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    I have the same issue, bottom 2 fans light up with a dim blue light, what to connect to the Gigabyte motherboard, I did not connect the 3 pin "Gigabyte" to the mother board because there was no 3 pin connector on the motherboard but I did connect the other one marked for the other 3 (MSI, Asrock and Asus) to the Digital LED the normal 4 pin digital LED connections are Voltage 5v, Digital, blank, ground - MSI, Asrock and Asus, which Gigabyte has started to use on new motherboards So it should have worked, but no go I bought this case off of Amazon and will report this product and this Company for false advisement and Faulty equipment This case does not work with Gigabyte Motherboards (Digital LEDS)
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    I downloaded the Portal from CM's website, but when I try to use it, it keeps saying "please make sure that you are connected to the internet when you launch/update the CM Portal". I've uninstalled and reinstalled it 5 times already. I already tried opening as administrator. I'm using a Mastermouse S and I am connected to the internet.
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    Hi Kurt, Sorry to hear this trouble You can submit a support ticket on the CM Fanzone website to request a new ARGB splitter cable. The MB530P comes with an ARGB LED controller (button on the control panel). You only have to connect the 3 way splitter cable to the ARGB cable coming from the I/O panel and connect the Sata cable/connector what is also coming from the I/O panel to a Sata cable from your power supply. Once you have connect both ARGB and Sata cable, you can control the ARGB lightning with the button on the top panel. How to connect: