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    This is going to be the mod to beat. Hands down the classiest, SEXIEST entry of the year
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    Amazing job man !
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    hi guys, here are some more developments on THE IRON MAIDEN. without commenting.
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    OMG!!!! I've want to know how'd you do it!!! Hoping that you win!!!! I've just started arduino myself for basic movements but yours is just the best!!!
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    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement 1151 mounting kit for the Hyper 212 LED Turbo? I cannot find any such kit anywhere online. After contacting Cooler Master support, I was told "Unfortunately, we do not carry the accessories kit for this cooler.". Does anyone have a spare 1151 mounting bracket they can sell me? I've searched eBay, Google, and various other used markets (Craigslist, OfferUp, etc). If anyone knows an alternate way to mount the Hyper 212 LED Turbo on a 1151 socket (compatible mounting kits from other manufacturers) please let me know. I am kind of disappointed in CM for not stocking replacement parts for their products.
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    hi guys, i got some more paint on certain parts of the front. i also disected a pair of speakers so noe shes has sound too. i also started finishing some of the wiring and routing of cables from the base to the case itself. much more to come.
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    Project Maple was designed to be the most Canadian thing imaginable; With its proud Red and white, assortment of maple leafs, and even golden maple syrup pumping thru its waterways. Its an honor to be entering into the 10th Anniversary, and I hope you enjoy Project Maple. Build List: Hardware: Mobo - Asus Maximus X Code - Painted CPU - i5 9600k @ 4.8ghz GPU - MSI 1080ti Aero OC Ram - TeamGroup T-Force Nighthawk 4x8gb 3200mhz SSD - TeamGroup T-Force 240gb PSU - Seasonic focus+ Gold 850w Case - Cooler Master MB530p with plenty of cosmetic mods. Watercooling: CPU - Swiftech Apogee SKF Prestige w/Iris ARGB GPU - Swiftech Komodo 1080ti w/CMWS19 painted backplate. Pump/Res - (Cut down to 170mm) Swiftech Maelstrom 200mm(170mm) d5 w/Iris ARGB Radiators - 3x Swiftech Hydrae GT(120/240/360) Painted Tornado red Compression Fittings - Nanoxia CF 16mm hardline painted Angled and extension Fittings - Swiftech Dual 45 rotary &15mm Drain - Dazmode Darkside Pushvalve Fluid - SwifTech "Mayhem" Dyes in distilled, and 1 drop of Dead Water Misc: Fans - Swiftech Helix 120mm w/Iris ARGB Controllers - Swiftech Iris ARGB Eco Controllers Cables - Tpbmods created, using Telios Sleeving from Mainframe Customs Cable Combs - Nanoxia CF with splatter paint job Paint - BombingScience.Com Ironlak/Moltow/FlameBlue MB530p Shroud rework - 10hrs Basic shrouds just dont cut it for me, So I set out to make something Ive never seen done before. The 3D logo "Flag" came to me after a first attempt at simply painting on the logo, and it was just bland. Flannel top was always something I wanted to incorporate. MB530p glass replacement - 7hrs I wanted to keep the case as cosmetically stock as possible on the exterior, with the full focus on the internals. Originally I had planned to do the entire front, but 4 hours in, my back was in such agony from being hunched over the saw, I cut a leaf in the bottom right and cleaned it up. Off to paint. The chop chop bits - 6hrs Chop it up, make it fit. Chop it more, paint it! Fitment was one thing I didnt take into consideration with the MB530P. I wanted perfomance, not just appearance! A day of Color - 12hrs So many parts to paint, such un-opportune times to paint. Anyone whos ever tried to paint when its 35c+ out will know, its brutal Your paint will dry before it has a chance to hit the mating surface, and too close will cause big time runs. Painting had to be done first thing in the morning while it was a cool 20c and left to bake outside all day long. And at last, the final stages. - 20hrs After taking a break for LTX19, I came back to work on making my cables, start on some tubes that I had to make while the case was still apart, get to riveting the case all back together, and assembly. I spent the better part of every free moment I had trying to get this looking good. I am not the best at bending tubes freehand(only an insert) But I think it worked out well
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    Lovely build buddy! It turned out amazing EH !! Absolutely love the Canadian theme.
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    Im guessing people arent a fan of us canucks... Can I get some "EH!'s" in the comments?
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    Hello everyone, this is my first work in this contest. I'm from Thailand. For this job, I will mainly use 3d printing. It's the only thing I have at home. That made me use my free time to work all the time. Inspiration It happened when I played a futuristic game in 3000 A.D., a world in which AI developed itself to its peak. They have their own ideas.Until can convert the biomass into energy. Therefore do not have to rely on humans anymore. They evolve themselves to survive.The wicked world has been destroyed until the end. And humans are no longer the culmination of the food chain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zpe3P1sAxs
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    Thanks a ton buddy! much appreciated, your mod is amazing as well buddy ! Definitely love how clean everything is in your mod and how detailed oriented your mod is as well.
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    You absolutely killed it! If you dont take top 5... id be shocked
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    Welcome, I plan to improve the cooling abilities of my Cosmos 1000 while keeping unchanged its visual appearance. For its 12th year, I want something big ! This will be a first, I have never changed anything inside, not even installed a custom WC loop, so this project is a real challenge for me. SETUP MB : Asus Rampage V Edition 10 CPU : Intel Core i7-6850K GPU : MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11G RAM : Corsair Dominator 128 GB DDR4 3200 MHz CL16 Storage : HDD Seagate Barracuda 2 TB (x2) SSD Samsung 850 Pro 512 MB (Sata) SSD Samsung 960 Pro 2TB (Nvme) PSU : Enermax MaxTytan 1250W 80Plus Titanium Case : Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 COOLING Current cooling Noctua NH-D15s 2 x Noctua NF-A14 2 x Noctua NF-S12A Future cooling EWKB custom loop : EK-FB ASUS R5-E10 Monoblock RGB EK-FC1080 GTX Ti TF6 EK-CoolStream CE 420 EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM EK-CryoFuel Clear EK-M.2 NVMe Heatsink Noctua NF-A14, NF-S12A and NF-A14 Chromax Black Alphacool Eisschicht thermal pad 14W / mK Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste 12,5W / mK Thermaltake Pacific TF1 Temperature and Flow Indicator LIGHTING Alphacool Aurora RGBW Controller 2 x Alphacool Aurora Flexlumière 60 cm RGBW 2 x Alphacool Aurora Flexlumière 30 cm RGBW 4-Way Splitter Cable for RGBW led strip MATERIAL 3 Side panels Cosmos Pure (black) in aluminum 2 Full front panels mesh for MasterBox 5 2 Cooling brackets 420 mm for Cosmos C700P 1 Cooling brackets 280 mm for Mastercase Series TOOLS Dremel Thermaltake bending kit Heat gun Drill Metal saw Glove, mask and protective glasses Motip paint spray Spray gun for painting with 4 flat jet nozzles AIRFLOW ANALYSIS By default, the Cosmos 1000 is equipped with four fans, a single one bringing fresh air (bottom) and three extracting hot air (two on the top and one on back). The idea is to mount a custom WC loop as well as keeping an afficient airflow in the case. To this goal, we will install on front 3 fans (140 mm) to extract the fresh air and on top a radiator equipped with 3 fans (140 mm) to evacuate hot air. On rear, we will keep the existing fan (120 mm). These fans will be filtered by a mesh panel. A power supply cover will be built with a side panel. It will isolate the power supply from the rest and will receive the storage units (SSD / HDD) on top. The fresh air coming from the front will flow towards the back of the case like a tunnel. The pump will be mounted either on the back panel. Two storage units will be positioned vertically on the back and on the front. MANAGEMENT CABLE The openings 1 and 2 are separed by side panel mechanism (draw in black) which prevents the passage of cable. This problem will be solved by additional openings (draw in yellow) Part 3 will be removed and replaced by a new panel supporting storage units. PANEL CLEANING We start by cleaning the side panels. We remove the frame maintained by 18 screws and the sound-absorbing foam. The double-sided adhesive sticks so well that I took 2 days to make 3 panels. Acetone is a fantastic product for cleaning ! Now the 3 panels are ready for cutting. DISASSEMBLY After some measure, I disassembled the case. Front door Top and front panel Control panel Wrists and Feet Bottom filter Side frames Drawers hard drives CUTTING THE CASE The hard drive cage and the 5.25-inch bay are removed without weakening the structure. The back, the top and the front panel was cut out, as well as the openings for the passage of the power cables too. Some drilling was done. There is a lot of space now, nice ! RADIATOR INSTALLATION I installed at the top a 420 mm radiator. I lowered the radiator by 25 mm in order not to exceed the available area of the original plastic top panel. As the radiator is a 420 mm one, I had to completely rethink the layout of the front buttons (e.g. power, reset and USB ports). CUTTING PLASTIC FRAME Cutting of the plastic frame is mandatory to fix the new top cover. The side frame is painted with a matte white color. Before painting the frames, I removed the seal around the frame. CUTTING MESH FILTER I removed the perforated metal grid that was fixed to the plastic frame and cut out the frame to put the mesh filter and bracket. CUTTING THE PANEL CONTROL Originally, there were 4 USB 2.0 ports and other outputs that I did not use. I modified the control panel to integrate 2 USB 3.0 ports. The Power and Reset button will be moved forward or replaced by an Alphacool Powerbutton. BUILDING TOP COVER To make the top cover, I used my first previously cleaned panel. Comparison with the old top cover. The top cover once installed with control panel modified. The top cover is painted with a black matt color. BUILDING THE PSU COVER To make the top cover, I used my second previously cleaned panel. Small adjustment. The psu cover is painted in white matt color. BUILDING THE PUMP & STORAGE BRACKET To make the pump / reservoir bracket and storage one, I used my third previously cleaned panel. Depending on the capacity of the hard drives, the mounting holes have not the same layout, hence the 6 holes per disc. The pump / reservoir and storage bracket will be attached to the case. Wrong calculation for storage bracket, start again ! The bracket is painted in matt white color. I bought an anti-vibration HDD mounting kit and a rubber pad for pump bracket to reduce vibration. The rubber pad is installed at the bottom of the pump / reservoir bracket. MANUFACTURING OF NEW ELEMENTS PSU cover Top cover Pump / reservoir bracket Storage bracket Small brackets to install the radiator and the front fans. TEST ASSEMBLY Without painting and definitive fixations, I tested just the assembly to verify that everything was fitting perfectly. UNNECESSARY ELEMENTS Beautiful sound-absorbing foam - sadly not used. Obsolete USB 2.0 port and other inputs / outputs from another era - as well as the associated cables. PAINTING WORKSHOP The front fan mount (top) has been painted in 2 colors. The front in matt black and the inside in matt white to built an harmony of colors. All the holes and sharp edges were sanded with sandpaper for an flawless result. I have put neodymium magnets on the front fan mount to be able to remove it when cleaning The other bracket was fixed at the bottom. Another bracket for the radiator was fixed to the back. Finally, I used 7 spay bombs : 2 Primers, 3 Matt White, and 2 Matt black. I still have 2 spray bombs glossy black. It is emptying at a speed these little bombs ! PAINTING WRISTS & FEET The wrists and feet are painted in matt white color. PAINTING THE DOOR The door is painted in matt white color. PAINTING SIDE PANELS The side panels are painted in matt black color. ASSEMBLY MONOBLOCK CPU & FULL COVER GPU Motherboard without heat sink Heat sink and rgb part Motherboard with monoblock CPU Graphic card Without heat sink Thermal grease Thermal pad Fittings Alphacool Eiszapfen Pressure Valve. I bought a power adapter for Temperature and Flow Indicator to facilitate cable management. I will use a 3M Velcro to fix the SSD. CUSTOM LOOP SCHEMA PHOTO FINISH
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    up. still trying to figure this out without breaking the cooler. lots of dust already accumulated inside and i want to clean it
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    and here are some more developements. i made the gpu shroud and also started the side name signs. this time i will be giving it the german as well as the english name, one plate on each side. i first saw an IRON MAIDEN for the very first time some years ago in Nürnberg in Germany and like the german name too. the name signs and the accompanying segments will all have leds behind the gemstones and will look like the cardinal belts of those evil men back in the day who sanctioned the use of this evil device against all they saw as heretics. more to come..
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    I really like there is real gold on your GPU block!
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    this case has lots of great modding potential, glad to see you've illustrated this.
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    Up until now, everything came out as designed. It may not be a hi-end pc because the hardware I received was donated form my friends but i hope you like the overview of the work. If you like it, I'm happy too.
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    We are all the same, do not let this fall. What is needed for Cooler Master to pay attention to us? to be a famous youtuber? We have purchased one of the most expensive power supplies on the market and it turns out that it is super noisy and its software is reset at every restart. Well, I'm not satisfied. Cooler Master fix it or refund us the money !!
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    What if you put the software to keep the options when you press the "save" button? I choose the profile "Silent" and at each reboot of the system it returns to the profile "Default" ignoring my configuration.
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    Make CM Connect software open source if you can't support it, at least advanced users could make patches to make it work as expected. I bought MW 1200 and its great but software part of this psu leaves much to be desired.