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    That would be the Ammo. The part number is RC-533-SWN1
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    Sort of - the new AM4 model dropped the LGA775 support. But we can get you a bracket - our support team will get in touch with you.
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    This article is completely WRONG!!! Cooler Master sells the new AM4 mounting bracket for Hyper 212 LED in China, which is 100% compatible with both old and new version of Hyper 212 LED heat sink. I got this recently. You guys refuse to provide the new upgrading kit to west user, and LIED about it!!
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    Hello, I am having same issue here. Hyper 212 LED Turbo cannot be rotated and mounted such that the cooler fins align parallel to the DIMM slot on the motherboard. (See image attached) In the image, the blue shaded region is the cooler fins (or heat sink fin). The blue arrow is the air flow direction. The blue orientation is the only way how the cooler can be attached. This is very restrictive for small cases which do not have exit port on right (of this image) I am looking for mounting the cooler, as shown as red shaded orientation, where the direction of air flow is in red colored arrows. ( in this orientation the fins are parallel to the RAM or DIMM slots). Can CoolerMaster help with this. ( I own a Hyper 212 LED Turbo presently and all hardware is just sitting there to be used !)
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    How to install 3 fans at the front Special thanks to Bro Jerry and Tom cause help me provide me this picture
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    Bhai Please create new ticket , Customer services will help you .
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    You can disable the lights: unplug the 2pin light connector.
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    I found out MasterCase Maker 5 is one of literally 3 cases in existence that have silenced (partially covered) front intake with dust filter and also silenced (partially covered) top exhaust. The reason why I'm looking for this feature is because silenced (partially covered) intakes and exhausts allow decent airflow while toning down the fan's air rushing noise, allowing excellent cooling capabilities with supreme silence. I've checked tons of vendors and pretty much all insist on silencing the front, but expect the top with exhausting fans to be just widely open. That's just silly because it's noisy and when system is not powered on, dust is falling directly into the case. And it just looks ugly. So, this was a great start with maker 5, finally a case that has exactly what I was looking for! However, there are other issues that prevent me from going with Maker 5 case... The first issue I have with large majority of cases, including Maker 5 is the fact it ONLY comes in windowed version. Why? I want solid black side panels padded with noise dampening material. I sleep in the same room as I have a computer (which is on 24/7 anyway) so, strong LED's or wide open clear side panels are not an option because my Nepton 120XL pump illuminated text already makes internals of the case bright as a sun on a sunny day and with bunch of other LED's that can't be turned off on graphic card and motherboard, it's more of an annoyance for me than a feature. And I don't want it to be a separate "customization" option, I want the case to be with such option out of the box, not a silly "accessory" option. Black silencing foam padded side panels. No silly windows. The second issue I have with Maker 5 case design is the bottom front fan placement in relation to the false floor. If you want to have a positive pressure design, false floor cutting bottom intake fan's airflow pretty much in half is a very bad design. And since false floor is non-removable, you essentially lose the ability to create a positive pressure environment inside the case no matter what you do. 2x top exhaust and 1x rear exhaust will always pump out more air than front intake will ever be able to deliver "thanks" to false floor stealing basically half of bottom intake's fan capability. Considering the case would be without the clear side panel, I see no reason to have the false floor there. SSD's can be placed at the back of the motherboard tray and you can't see the cables through a solid side panel anyway. But without the false floor, all the front intake fans push ALL the air into the case, creating a positive pressure which we know is better for several reasons. Not to mention higher airflow because all the intake air becomes available to all internal components. I think this toned down, silent and dark Maker 5 case could rather easily become a reality. Pretty much everything is already there and it's perfect. Just skip the installation of false floor component during manufacturing and replace the clear side panel with a solid metal one. That's all you have to do to achieve this. If such case becomes a reality, I'll be the first one to buy it, that's for sure.
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    Hi, the newest brackets are ready punched on 2mm hard stainless steel, new hopefully this weekend I can drill holes for the new brackets on the upgraded bigger heatsinks, thanks for watching
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    Can you create a support ticket and use the [Request Part] option? (Details in my signature)
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    I'm getting a sample soon - I can check for the CPU height as well - what is the minimum height/support you need?
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    Welcome to CM forum . Hi Thomas , Try check in this link : http://www.cmstore.eu/ if the item not in the listed , Please email CM store at here : shop@coolermaster.eu They will assist you .
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    I know how you feel man Just share my pro 5 , For first time will be tight so i put some // a bit oil between the fan hole and the screw . But if you still concerned i love suggest you to contact customer services they will assist you .
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    Welcome to CM forum . Hi KoutsiDK , You can check this link : How to install a Jetflow fan on the Hyper 212 EVO The Cooler body is the same just the bracket type is not the same but the distance of holes are same and they are interchangeable If still concerned please contact customer service , they will assist you .
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    Well, you could still apply for RMA, assuming there is no physical damage to be seen? (You could try to re-solder the switch, but perhaps the switch itself is damaged - and it will void the warranty for sure.)
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    Have posted on Twitter, no response. Submitted support ticket, no response. Posted to CM Forum, no response. Even a "Thank you for asking, but no one cares about your stupid macro question." would feel better.
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    There is no information about hyper 103 am4 compability , if anyone own 1 pls let me know
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    I recently decided to install an NZXT Sentry 3 fan controller and started work on it yesterday. After removing the bays, panels, etc, it was an hour long process figuring out how to install the actual piece of hardware. In the NZXT manual, it says to use the tool-less clips to mount it, but the Pro 5 tool-less clips attach in the middle of the bay, way out of reach for the NZXT mount. Meanwhile, the Pro 5 manual has zero information on installing a fan controller, much less acknowledging that it's even possible. So, I was sitting in front of all of the hardware, pouring over installation videos for both when I noticed a couple of small L-brackets that have the same mounting points as a fan controller and for the holes in the case. Looking through the Pro 5 manual again, it doesn't even show those as included pieces with the case. Fast forward and after trying to work my hands inside the case to install these L-brackets, it turns out the front fascia needs to be removed to access them, which again isn't included in the manual. 6 clips on each side and it pops right off, so I can lay it aside and have easy access. After that, it was a matter of 10 minutes of plugging up fans and figuring out the controller before everything was good to go. Now, I never expect to be spoonfed information, I can mostly figure stuff out on my own like this time. But it would be in CM's best interests if they addressed this sort of installation in the manual or at least showed the user what sort of parts were needed in order to mount, along with addressing the ability to remove the front fascia. Overall this case was a great purchase. The included fans are super quiet, even at max load, and were actually the reason I purchased the fan controller in the first place. Along with the magnetic top shroud and the super easy modulation, it was a great purchase for a first-time builder.
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    Hello from me also, it might not be a CoolerMaster but i think it belongs here!! Here i give you CrackedTurbine case mod!!
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    I GOT IT!!!! FINALLY!! The support didn't help, just told me to return it (as always) which was not an option as I bought it in Bangkok and live in Australia. Anyway, there was another thread on this and the guy said he just waited. Well I have waited 2 months at least with nothing, when randomly, when my PC was turned off, the lights went red. I turned on my PC in hope but the lights turned off. I pressed right click and DPI but nothing happened. Then, in a last shot of desperation I pressed the DPI and the scroll wheel when the lights finally turned on to pulse mode. I then followed the instructions in the manual to change it to static cyan just how I like it. Now, for the red lights to appear I had to plug the mouse into the 'always getting power USB port' on my motherboard, so that when the PC was off the mouse was receiving power but no data. Most laptops and decent desktops have this port. It can usually be identified by a Lightning bolt next to the usb port. Hopefully this helps someone.
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    Here's mine.. its still unfinished.. waiting for fans, and GPUs before I can send it off for custom painting..
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    I would like to see removable motherboard trays become a thing, Especially with your new modular philosophy with the mastercase 5. I would also like to see a larger version of the mastercase 5 and pro 5.