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    So i finished my current gaming Rig and i love it very much, i have no problems with temps whatsoever its well known by now that H500P can get better with Mesh Front+Top panels, as shown in the new cases in CES, (H500M) CPU Max Temp on Ryzen 5 1600 @3.9ghz is 62c on max load after 30mins stress test with MA610P cpu cooler and when Gaming never goes above 52-53c. im here to ask if Cooler Master plans to sell Modded Panels to the people who bought the original H500P. (any clue if this is under plan?)
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    Buy me some times i will ask some one regarding this issue . will update to you once im get info from him .
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    Dear Joseph, We apologize, but the Hyper 212 LED can only be vertically mounted on AM4 motherboards. CM Support Yeah, that was a lot of help. No more CoolerMaster for me anymore. If they would have just gone about it the right way and make a proper backplate, this wouldnt be an issue.