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    Hi there. I currently have the Cooler Master MS120 and the keys H and N don'g work, not sure if there is other keys not working but i'll sort these ones first. I get no response from them whatsoever. I have updated the software for the keyboard using the download files provided by Cooler Master. I have also cleaned under the keys. I am not sure what else I can do. Has anyone dealt with this before or have any solutions? thank you
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    I just got my mf120r argb 3 in1 pack. I connected everything just according to this video: While I could control the colours thru as rock polychrome(i have asrock b450m pro4), but the master plus software won't recognize my fans. Then I used my own micro usb cable to connect the mini controller to a usb port on my pc, and then I could get the master+ to recognize the fans, but I still couldn't use the software to control the color. The software will recognize the fans, but can't control it. HELP!!!!!!! thanks
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    I too have this issue, and the firmware update did not work. Do I need to press any buttons on the controller to change from manual mode to USB control?
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    Suffering from the same issues. In every restart the fan kicks back on even if I have already set it to silent. I HAVE TO DO THE SAME THING IN EVERY RESTART... I will first RETURN the FAILMAKER 1200 and then start a SPAMMING CAMPAIN in YouTube, blogs and social media in order to make this an issue for coolermaster... Its a pity they should come up with a solution, even in the form of a startup script to offer support to us fail-ridden folks. I suggest you to do the same if you value your investments and dislike being SUCKERS...
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    Try to update the firmware of the controller. This method worked for me new firmare: https://www.coolermaster.com/downloads/#argb-led-small-controller-firmware
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    I am entering this here because it would seem that I can't leave a comment after submitting a ticket because this website is poorly maintained. Or it was just something you didn't want to hear As I have also stated previously in the comment that didn't save for some reason. I have fixed the problem. And AMD stated that Cooler Master Hardware is Cooler Master's problem. You didn't even ask me what version I was trying to use or anything. Just passed me off to someone else. Why would AMD handle your company's business when they have their hands full with their own products? Your website is in need of revamping and updating. Every time you look for your software to run the cooler LED's it just brings up version 1.0 when clearly there is another updated version. I mean I already went through this with your leave a comment already, but surprise, it didn't save it and I'm not even sure you got it. It would seem that no one wants to work anymore. With all the people who are having trouble getting your cooler to work properly, as seen by just doing a little research on the web, you would think that you could help them since they bought your product and all. But after reading it's not our problem from you guys, it's no wonder why they can't get things to work properly. So do what you have to do, but don't e-mail me again unless I ask you for help. Which will be a cold day for sure. And just maybe your website will work just this once to let you know all I have said.
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    has anyone solved this problem? I think coolermaster should do something, we spent a lot for this case! it can happen that a product has a defect but the company has to do something to solve, I have done some research on google and there are so many people with this problem! the case coolermaster cosmos c700m has problems with the leds and the automatic speed of the fans ..